Issues Of Race In "Dawn" Essay

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How do we know that we are human? How do we know that we got saved by another race? What is are race? Humans have many races Lilith, a human form the planet earth showed me that we really don’t know how to be human into we are put in are nature averment. The book is bass on the idea that human have distort them self’s in a war. The way that are society is we depend on race, religion, and cuter. In the early days we did not always black to be with white. In the book Lilith go throw awakening, were she does not know where or how she got in a hole that she thinks on earth. She things that she is still on earth and that the people have taken her for no reason. She tells as that age is 22 but latter we find out that she is 26. On her last so called awakening she meets Oankali and he tells her about his kind. He was the one who took her and been keeping her there. She gets to leave out of the hole that she was in. she finds out when she leaves that really she was in a tree, and that a plant was keeping her alive and healthy. The awakenings that she went throw were really her not being ready to know about what happen to her. She at first thought that Oankali as a human but then she rallies he was not. That he was another race and species and that he was not from earth. It takes her awful days to adapted to him. He gives her a banana which is importation because up to the point of meeting him she only has had tasteless food. He takes her to meet his family were she meets Nikanj. He is Oankali child. The issue of race really show what they meet even throw Oankali had shown it to it was not as much as with Nikanj. Lilith rallies that she is on a ship and that the Oankali kind is only happing her race because they need something from them. She find out that they what there cancer cells and that the Oankali has change all humans genes. When she finds this out she is very up sated. Nikanj trends Lilith to be able to open and do what Oankali did with her help her people understand what happen and what is going to happen. The Oankali kind told her that they will take all of them back to earth and her group is like the guinea pig. The issue of race also show up when Oankali tells her that his kind can eat human food, but she cannot eat there’s. The Oankali’s showed Lilith how to live on her on. Nikanj tells...

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