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Issues in the workplace - the situation analyzed from a behavorial point of view and discusses possible solutions to the problems or issues for PSY 200.ThesisIn this paper we will briefly discuss some common issues in the workplace. We will touch on just a few of the everyday issues that most people face and are effected by. We will begin by discussing common difficulties we face with co-workers, we will explain how to identify a difficult person and then give pointers on possible techniques on dealing with that person. We will then discuss communication and effective listening skills in the work place. Communication is one of the most important qualities you can possess in the workplace because it allows you to communicate what needs to be done, also to express any concerns or attributes you may have to offer to the existing workflow. Also we will discuss effective listening and give a little insight to the four basic communication structures that are in place in most organizations and workplace. We will them finalize the paper with some insight to motivation in the workplace. How is motivation a positive experience in the workplace and how different types of motivation are used in the work environment not all of which are in a positive nature? We hope that you will take from this paper a little insight on what we deal with on a daily basis in our workplace and are able to use this in future experiences you have in your workplace.A Difficult PersonWhat is a difficult person? A difficult person is someone who actively or passively prevents us from accomplishing a goal in a fashion that is well beyond the norm.Personality TypesA Hostile/Aggressive Personality - This type of personality tends to attack the person, not the behavior. Hostile/Aggressive personalities also tend to keep the person off balance with a barrage of questions without allowing any time for response. They are driven by a need to demonstrate that they are right and someone else is wrong.A Pessimist Personality - This type of personality tends to be a "one-way communicator"; they may appear to listen, but have already rejected the proposal. People with this type of personality take a standard position of "I am against it!" and are likely not to contribute solutions or alternatives. This personality can be severely harmful on a work group.A Cynic Personality - This type of personality tends to be distrustful of human nature and motive. This personality tends to reduce the performance and expectations of a workgroup to its lowest common denominator.A Complainer Personality - This type of personality tends to use terms like "Christina is much better than I am at that..", "How can I be expected to..", or "Okay if you insist, but don't be surprised when.." While complainers do not cause the disruption of a hostile/aggressive personality, they can cause a serious drain on resources.An Unresponsive Personality - This type of personality tends to not talk when you need conversation from...

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2116 words - 8 pages concerned for their own jobs at this time. If Cobalt had done this, the chance for rumors would have not been so high.These skills require commitment and practice. Many of us are afraid to address issues in the workplace. Oftentimes, we do not discuss our frustrations and grievances with coworkers, but they know there are concerns because we avoid them, drop sarcastic barbs, or tell other coworkers. This frequent scenario leads to greater hurt and

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770 words - 3 pages still evident in the workforce of today. It is possible that one might be promoted or given a job because they are the same ethnicity as the person who is giving them the place in the organization. It is very important for managers to understand that jobs must be assigned based on ability not ethnicity.Gender issues in the workplace are another common problem which must be dealt with on a regular basis. Since women have flooded the workforce gender

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1259 words - 5 pages people have to form effective teams. Managing conflict is also very important. One thing managers should recognize is that there will always be a potential for conflict and their job is to intervene and resolve diversity issues early and quickly. Statistics show the extent of diversity in the workplace. “Eighty-five percent of those currently entering the American workforce are minorities and women. By year 2006, only 38% of the total workforce

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