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Issues Regading The Rohingya Ethnic In Myanmar

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Nowadays, there are too many conflicts or issues that related to problems of the ethnics in some countries in the world. Many years ago the world was served with racial issues that occur in Africa which is the ‘Apartheid’ issues. Fortunately, this issue have been solved peacefully. However, these racial conflict still happened years after around the world and some of them are still cannot be solved yet. One of the issues is regarding the Rohingya ethnic in Myanmar.
Before we proceed about the reasons or causes that brought to this ethnic issue and how the human security respond to this issue, let we introduce who is Rohingya first. According to (Chan, 2005), “The people who call themselves Rohingyas are the Muslims of Mayu Frontier area, present-day Buthidaung and Maungdaw Townships of Arakan (Rakhine) State, an isolated province in the western part of the country across Naaf River as boundary from Bangladesh. They were indeed the direct descendants of immigrants from the Chittagong District of East Bengal (present-day Bangladesh), who had migrated into Arakan after the province was ceded to British India under the terms of the Treaty of Yandabo, an event that concluded the First Anglo-Burmese War (1824-1826)”. The Rohingya are a Muslim minority population living mainly in the state of Arakan, in Burma that has not being accepted by their own country which is Myanmar. This is because, according to the Myanmar’s government, the Royingya ethnic is not their citizens but they are belongs to Bangladesh. Unfortunately, the Bangladesh’s government do not recognize them as well. So, starting from this rejection, the issue has persisted Rohingya up to this moment, with no solution yet.
According to the history, the relation between Myanmar and the Rohingya related to Bangladesh region. The government of Myanmar are not recognize the Rohingyan etnics as their citizens because they believe that the Rohingya is not belong to their country otherwise they were belong to Bangladesh. They believe that the Rohingyas are the foreigner that comes to Arakan which is now known as Rakhine from Bangladesh. Based on (Nemoto, n.d), that was cited in (Yegar, 2002, p.55-56), “In the end of April 1978, Ziaur Rahman, the President of Bangladesh, criticized the Burmese government for the inhuman removal of Burmese Muslims from their country, but the Burmese government insisted continuously that those who were expelled were Bangladesh citizens who had illegally entered Burma”.
Because of the rejection of their own country, the Rohingyan ethnic has moves to the countries nearby to seek refuge especially in Bangladesh. At the beginning, the Bangladesh government allowed them to live in the camp that is built near the Myanmar’s border but, after that, the Bangladesh government began to exclude this ethnic in their country. This explanation was given by (Parnini et al, 2013), which is “Bangladesh has reluctantly allowed Rohingyas to live in camps...

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