Issues Related To The Urban Growth And Decline Along The Foreshore Of The Inner Harbour Of Sydney's Cbd. (Australia)

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Questions:What are the issues related to changes in landuse along the foreshores of Sydney Harbour?How are they being resolved?Choose THREE "pressure points" of Sydney harbour and its surroundings and:outline the issues related to that point,how did the issues come about?who is involved in the issues?who are the stakeholders?what is being done to resolve the issues?End of questions, start of essayIssues related to the urban growth and decline along the foreshore of the inner harbour of sydney's CBD.Why is landuse changing along the foreshores of Sydney Harbour?Landuse along the foreshores of Sydney is always changing,mainly because the government is attempting to replace thelow-density housing and put medium or high density housing in theforeshore zone, in it's place. This is being done due to the populationincrease in central Sydney. The city is running out of space to build anymore buildings. So to fix this, the government decided it would bebetter to try and consolidate the population of Sydney by buildingupwards rather than outwards. They are doing this by building morehigh rise apartment buildings and the like, to get more people intosmaller spaces. However, with this problems arose. One of these is theincreasing amount of traffic. With the large numbers of touristsvisiting Sydney and its' foreshores every day, and the number of carson the streets of Sydney around the foreshore already being large, anincrease in the number of residents would lead to an increase in thenumber of cars on Sydney's streets. The Sydney City Council has triedto solve this problem by promoting public transport, in an attempt tocut down on the number of cars on Sydney's streets. They have usedslogans like "Keep On Training Sydney" and spent lots of money onimproving the public transport system, especially in and around Sydney.2 examples of the improvements made are the introduction of themonorail and light rail systems that now exist in the city foreshorearea.Pressure Point 1: Museum of Contempary ArtThe Museum of Contempary Art (MCA) is one of the few areasaround the harbour foreshore that has been unchanged for a fairlylong time now, which is mainly due to the large amount of controversyinvolving it. The Sydney City Council proposed to demolish it in order tobuild apartment buildings there - their argument being that themuseum was not used very much, and had plans to use the area formore useful pruposes. However, the proposed action to demolish theMCA was never passed.The public - a major stakeholder along with tourists, employees ofthe MCA and trade unions, were outraged to hear that the Council hadplans to demolish such a historical building, and not long after, a greenban had been placed on it, so what happens to the MCA in the long termis yet to be decided. For the moment, it's not going anywhere.The MCA is currently in the process of urban conservation, andthere have been plans to renew the public living near the area, but hasnot been put into action just yet....

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