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Issues To Be Addressed By Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates

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There are issues dealing with subjects from abortion to making jobs for the state to drug use and possession. I will be writing about issues that candidates for Virginia governor debate on and my views on them. The issues that are the most important to me are gun rights, drug reform, and the creation of jobs for Virginians. I will show the candidates’ views on these issues and compare them to my own and how if I had the power how I would change the laws regarding these matters.
The candidates have already stated how they think and feel on the matters I have presented above. Terry McAuliffe knows that America has made over 2.5 million clean energy jobs but that Virginia only has 2.5 percent of these jobs and says that he thinks this is unacceptable. He also says that there are thousands of megawatts of energy that can be capture on the shores of Virginia by building wind turbines; this would result in the creation of over fifteen hundred new construction jobs and hundreds of long term jobs. (Jobs and the Economy, Terry McAuliffe) Ken Cuccinelli says that the government does not make jobs, but that the people of the nation do. Cuccinelli believes that there should be pro-growth policies to give people incentives to establish small businesses. Cuccinelli also states that we should lower the taxes on business actions so that they may produce and work more efficiently and to eliminate loopholes to promote more capitalism for the economy. (Job Creation, Ken Cuccinelli) Robert Sarvis thinks that there are too many barriers on our market and that we need to open up to free trade and to revise the laws to get rid of discretionary funds and give the money back to taxpaying Virginians. He also wants Virginia law to preserve more of the people’s right and to make a fair playing field for all individual workers to get jobs and keep those jobs. (Job Creation and Economic Growth, Robert Sarvis). I think that my views and beliefs go more along the lines of what terry McAuliff has stated and that we do need to bring more clean energy jobs to Virginia. But we also need to give businesses incentives so they have a better chance of being started and staying in business for many years to come. I would change the laws so the business taxes are lowered so more operations can take place in the workplace, but also so workers may have a break with the inflation in the economy and may be able to get ahead of the everyday struggle. I would also change laws so that we may find more regional jobs in Virginia that go along with the ecosystems that they are in while also trying to fix some of the damage that has been done by previous jobs that may have harmed the landscapes and environments that we live in. Thus essentially creating even more jobs for the areas of Virginia while also making it a beautiful and more inviting place to live, work and make families.
Another subject that the candidates’ speak about and that I feel very strongly for is the educational system for...

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