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We have analysed the IKEA case study "Managing cultural diversity" .Our analysis of key problems, recommendations and their limitations are summarised in the following document.HEADINGKey problem #1: IKEA suffers from a lack of innovation and faces the possibility of offering a very similar product base. This is due in part to the lack of fresh blood in the organisation. IKEA's policy of hiring the same genre of people leads to inhibiting diversity and innovation to meet change in new markets.Recommendation: IKEA should broaden its selection base of hiring people. Whilst not changing the core competencies required of key staff, a new emphasis should be placed on the hiring of people from a mix of backgrounds and personalities. This will promote diversity, infusion of new ideas and ensure the richness of the culture.Limitation: This diversity may however lead to lack of goal congruence and a distraction from the common goals. There may be a waste of resources to get such a diverse group to agree to a common viewpoint.Key problem #2: Not enough like-minded managers (Swedes) to manage stores.Recommendation: There are two options to solve this issue. Firstly, a solution would be to hire more Swedes with similar work ethos and cultural similarities. Secondly, another option is to promote successful managers from various countries to expatriate jobs in other geographies. This would not only achieve strong transplantation of talent but also build strong and committed global managers.Limitation: There may not be enough capable candidates in the overseas poll of Scandinavian expats. Additionally, looking at the second option of transplanting foreign mangers in businesses outside their home countries may foster feelings of resentment of locals, inhibiting individual advancement.Key problem #3: IKEA has not been proactive in accepting the specifics of new markets and tailoring some of its products to satisfy local markets.Recommendation: IKEA should preform detailed market research and studies...

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505 words - 2 pages Ikea set’s up the infrastructure, those objectives will be definitely reached (or are already now in 2008). Ikea is buying its 60-plus suppliers equipment and granting credit for investment and working capital, because Russian companies’ are having big problems with inability to borrow from the local banks. Some quotes in the article by Mr Dahlgren: “You have to think long-term in Russia. The biggest mistake other companies make

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4671 words - 19 pages function, excellent quality and durability, at prices so low that the majority can afford to buy them' .IKEA believes in working closely with manufacturers, suppliers, designers and other specialists. Expertise of these various stakeholders is pooled in to come up with innovative techniques to reduce costs so that these can be passed on to the customers. Its customer base consists of people who are actively seeking better value for money in their

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2508 words - 10 pages The Swedish company IKEA designs and sells reasonably priced, 'ready to assemble' furniture. The company is on the way to becoming the world's largest furniture retailer (Normann and Ramirez, 1993). In 1994, IKEA were first confronted with the issue of child labour in Pakistan, following accusations from a Swedish television documentary that IKEA suppliers were using child labour in the production of carpets. One year later, in 1995, a German


2100 words - 9 pages . They like to feel as one. “We don’t just want to fill jobs; we want to partner with people” (Ikea, 2012). While many companies might publicize “outstanding employee relations” IKEA has stood with their word. On glassdoor, a website dedicated to employees and how they truly feel about a job, employees from many different positions in IKEA has rated them 3.6 out of 4 stars. “This is the best company to work for hands down. They care about their

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2589 words - 10 pages is the set of tools (4Ps) the firm uses to implement its marketing strategy. It includes product, price, promotion, and place. Additional Ps are People,Processes and Physical Evidence.3.3 How marketing mix related with the Service ProductIKEA catalog show is an important part of marketing strategy, which greatly promoted the IKEA product sales.IKEA's channel strategy is to set up independent stores around the world, IKEA design their own


2579 words - 10 pages retailing firms based on its unique concept that the furniture is sold in kits that are assembled by the customers at home.1.1 Operating strategyIKEA dose not manufacture its own products, but works through a complex network of suppliers around the world to help company maintain its low-cost position. Actually, it has 1,800 suppliers in 55 countries. By providing the manufacturers with technical and financial assistance, IKEA establishes durable

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3009 words - 12 pages applicants who have the good potential rather than a diploma (task orientation, Harrison.R.)[2]. Although their pragmatic approach to solve the problems and intuitive way of doing business suggest that they are risk taking but the managements insistence on only their ikea way suggests otherwise. It seems they have a fear of failure, which doesn’t go well with their low uncertainty avoidance national culture. Though Ikea's

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729 words - 3 pages with certainty if it will be on the best interest of the company and if it will generate more success. Here IKEA is investing in its employees in order to provide and adequate form of pay depending on the area the branch is located in. And in return they are wanting for the employees to essentially become better at what they are doing. Increasing the minimum wage can generate many possible problems, but it depends on what point of view the organization is relying to make such investment. But the company will not know, same with everything, if risks are not taken, one will never know how successful or disastrous the action was.

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4780 words - 19 pages successful to a competitive lead.This reports focus on IKEA, and how IKEA operations management has made them one of the leaders in retail in the world, with a deep analysis of IKEA corporate organization and operations management.IntroductionIKEA is the most successful furniture retailer in the world. The product line consists of well-designed furniture at low prices. During 2011, IKEA has reported 25.2Billon Euro total revenue and 2.966Million