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Problems With School Assigned Homework Essay

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Images of children and teenagers sitting at the kitchen table with books surrounding them, or sitting at desks secluded in their room, for hours on end, dutifully studying for the next day’s exam has been around for quite some time. But recent studies have shown that just because a child is doing homework, does not mean he or she is learning (Kohn). The fact is, the homework teachers have assigned has gone up dramatically. In 1981, children ages six to nine received about 44 minutes of homework a week. By 1997, children six to nine were receiving almost two hours of homework a week (Chaika) That number has almost tripled. Though supporters have pointed out the many benefits of homework over the years, which may have led to the increase of homework assigned because of the false assumption that more homework means more learning, but homework has had negative effects on children as well. Homework has been proven to reinforce lessons at school, teach time management skills, and slightly raise test scores, but homework has also caused a lack of interest in learning, reduced family time, and cause frustration and exhaustion for both parents and children.
Many supporters of homework point out that homework reinforces what was taught in school that day (Armani). This is true, to an extent. Everyone has heard of the phrase “practice makes perfect.” Practice can be quite helpful when it comes to math, because sometimes, it takes a few problems to understand what you are supposed to do, then a few more problems for it to really stick in your brain. Teachers then find themselves reviewing a certain lesson less and moving on to the next lesson. Thus, teaching more math and making students smarter. The problem with giving too much homework is that if each teacher assigns a half hour of homework a night, and students have eight classes a day, that adds up to four hours of homework a night for a high school student. Should a student start his or her homework as soon as he or she gets home from school at about three, that means homework should be done around seven at night. But, if the student participates in extra curricular activities, homework might be pushed back to being finished at around eight or nine. Plus, people need to eat. Even if it is heating up a TV dinner, that is still about another half hour that homework is being pushed back to being done at. So now, homework is being completed around 8:30 to 9:30. And of course, what high school student does not hang out with friends or socialize or just plain relax every night. If a student is socializing or relaxing to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by spending an hour or two doing these things, he or she is now falling asleep after an exhausting day anywhere from 9:30, which is not a bad time to midnight. And as growing human beings, should be getting at least eight hours of sleep each night which is not going to happen if students are going to bed at midnight and waking up at 6:30 the next morning to...

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