Issues Within The Law: A Law Degree And Nowhere To Go

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Law is one of the oldest professions that humans have practiced. The law was established by the Lord we as humans have taken the role of enforcing God’s law through our judicial system and policies. Since this has been taken over by humans, earthly influences in a sense has made the profession somewhat either corrupt of deceitful. Along with those issues come the issue of the profession turning more into how quick it can change and make law easier to practice than the actual law itself. Overall, the law profession is rapidly changing on the daily basis insinuating that a lawyer’s lifestyle both financially and emotionally are
One of the main problems that face being a lawyer would be how competitive it is to be a lawyer. Lawyers are known for being highly successful but also extremely wealthy and powerful. This stereotype is not true but it is an idea that is held with society today. Since this is the case it is expected for lawyers to be successful and have a lucrative practice no matter how they may obtain it. This statement is actually a myth since only about 1% of those who work in large corporations make the large salaries of over 100k. (5 Myths Regarding the Practice of Law) With the few jobs that are left, they were no longer available since the 2009 Recession that plagued the economy. Law firms were laying-off their employers at staggering rates leaving many lawyers without work & discontented and many prospective lawyers with apprehension. (A Law Degree and Nowhere to Go) This example sets the bar high for prospective lawyers so they in return try to graduate from the most prestigious law schools. Unfortunately this is another dilemma that prospective lawyers face. According to CBS, law school on average is about 43k a year meaning with loans and other expense a law degree can cost you over 200k. (5 Reasons) Now with all these challenges it now can be explained to why the law profession is so cut throat. With all of these obstacles in the way it can be easy for someone to become gluttonous, deceitful and filled with wrath. The stress of this type of work can really damper a person’s spirit and can corrupt since they are more focused on the earthly aspects of the law and not the divine ones.
Not only has the issue of status and finances have become a large issue with lawyers, but they are taking an emotional toll as well. The Wall Street Journal states in one of their articles that isolation and depression are prevalent in the law profession. According to WSJ, it is assumed when speaking of lawyers there’s a “vague sense of dissatisfaction” that it is a somber topic due to its high rates of depression. (In Down Times) This dissatisfaction can also be seen in statistics as well. Four of ten lawyers would recommend becoming a lawyer or joining the law profession. (A Law Degree) That means that 60% off those who participated in the survey would not recommend becoming a lawyer. This can stem from stress, disinterest in law, or just...

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