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Standard 1
We downloaded "Create A Ride" from the Google store as our first app for standard one. The first ISTE standard is all about sparking creativity and students expressing themselves. In the game students will create a car and customize it the way they like, it is a great way for students to be creative and express themselves through their car. This app isn’t really educational enough to use in the classroom but i would suggest it to parents with young students. This app supports 21st century skill, because it is online and students will use phones, iPads, or computers to build and create something.
CAQ (Create a Quiz/Test Maker) was our second app for standard one. In this app students can create a quiz and take it to practice lessons. This would be a great tool in the classroom that would allow students to study but be in control of their learning. At the same time as studying the students are exploring and creating new questions about the course content. In my class I would have students create a quiz and then trade with a partner and take it.

Standard 2

The app “Doctor Games” is a good app to let the students experience what it is like to be a doctor and the app also provides multiple experiences to give the students a variety and to always keep them going forward in their educational goal if they choose to become a doctor or are just fascinated with it. Referring to the second standard, this app helps create an environment where their knowledge can grow through their experiences in the app. This app would be more useful in the science subject area, more specifically anatomy. In the classroom this will be used to show specific surgeries on specific body parts.

The “Grid Club” app is a multi-subject tool that contains multiple games. The subjects range from history to even science. The games are appropriate for all ages so there is no fear of the students being exposed to inappropriate material. The main goal of the app is to inspire kids to learn. Referring to the second standard the app is an environment where the kids can enjoy themselves as they learn. Who knew? Learning can be fun? This would be useful in elementary school settings within all subject areas. In class this will be a good way make some of the most boring subjects seem exciting to the kids.
Standard 3
MyScript Calculator is a really amazing tool for students to use for math and science problems. The app uses your handwriting to transfer the problem into readable digital script, then can deliver an answer in real-time. This is a great way for students to use 21st century tools to check their homework answers. Standard number three is essentially using 21st century tools to teach and connect with students and their families, and this app...

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