Isu: A Comparison Between Hamlet And A Storm Of Swords

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For as long as language in its most rudimentary form was created, people have never stopped writing stories. Before people wrote things down, stories and legends were passed down by the elders of a family or tribe. Over time, things can be forgotten, and that is why it is important to write these things down. Stories were created to teach children good from bad, to inspire people to do great things, and for general enjoyment. These stories have taken many forms ever since the original spoken tale. Movies, comics, television shows, and much more have been introduced in order to tell more intricate stories. One of the best, and original mediums for story keeping is a book. A good book can elicit any emotion from you, just as a film or television show could. A good writer knows how to take hold of an audience, and allow them to explore a whole new world as they are sitting on a couch. Both Shakespeare's Hamlet and George R. R. ...view middle of the document...

Love triangles are an important plot device and helps keep the narrative interesting. Throughout the book we are reminded of the incestuous relationship between Cersi and Jamie Lannister, twin sister and brother. Cersi was originally married to Robert, the king of Westeros. While they were married, she continued to have sexual relations with her brother. Jamie was a knight of Robert's kingsguard. He essentially was a brother to Robert, sworn to protect him and his family with his life. The two siblings hatched a plot with some of the courtiers to kill Robert, which succeeded. He died, and Cersi's son, Joffery, took the throne. “The Lannister woman gave him horns and made a motley fool of him. She...murdered him as well, as she murdered Jon Arryn and Ned Stark.”- Pg. 496

Hamlet is very close to A Storm of Swords in this respect relationships between characters is an integral part of the plot. The negative relationships Hamlet is connected to fuel his madness. Hamlet is very much in a grey area himself. The audience sympathizes with him, and still thinks he is a “hero” at the end because he kills Claudius and sets the balance right again, and dies a hero's death. Yet he does murder Polonius, and essentially insults Ophelia to death, even though he could have revealed his true sanity to her, rather than faking it with her as well. This causes him to be both good and bad at the same time, making him a grey character. Mix in the fact that we can't actually tell how sane he actually is, and how much he is pretending, and you get a character that is very mysterious. The love triangle between Gertrude, Hamlet Senior and Claudius mirrors the one found in A Storm of Swords. Both involve a queen sleeping with sombody close to the king and then commiting regicide. Claudius did what he did for lust of power, but Jamie helped kill the king for the love of his sister. He wanted nothing to do with the crown, all he wanted was to be able to love his sister without having to sneak around the king. Because he did it for love and not lust, does that not make him so evil after all? This is yet another grey area that forces you to think critically about the motivations of characters, and what defines right and wrong.

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