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Isu Reading Log 2 Essay

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1. In my novel Matched the major conflict is mostly resolved. I think this because the main conflict in the story is that she can't choose who she wants to be with as well as hiding everything she knows that since the society has made its existence completely and utterly illegal. In the novel, Cassia does choose which boy she wants, which ends up being Ky, but closer to the end of the novel, Cassia does a sort job that gets Ky deported. This changes the plot drastically because now Cassia must now be worried about her secrets as well as getting Ky back without letting the government and society finding out of her plan. She also moves away because of her mom's work which leads her to think that the government is trying to destroy her. This resolution does not satisfy me because it ends on at a cliff hanger but it means very good writing for Ally Condie because it intrigues me to read the next book.

2. Cassia has changed a lot throughout the book. I think this because in the beginning of the book, Cassia has a very afraid and shy feel to her. For example, on the first page of chapter 8, after Cassia's grandfather shows her the hidden page she thinks "He is gone, and now I know that there are stolen words inside my compact. It feels strange to know something don't and to have something I shouldn't." This quote shows that Cassia is wary about have something that is society, and it makes her feel uncomfortable. Closer to the end of the book Cassia is more confident and strong and brave about knowing the truth about the society and its problems. For example, on the first page of chapter 32, right before Cassia gets sent to fight in the war she thinks. "Because that is what the Officials here want: workers who work but don't think. Do not go gentle. So I fight." This quote shows us that Cassia is ready to fight against the society to restore their rights and have a normal and free society to live for. From chapter 8 to 32, Cassia changes from being the perfect obedient girl that could never disrupt the society to a girl that will risk it all to save herself and the rest of the people that need her. This shows us how much our experiences change us as people.

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