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It Adoption Of Adult Learners Essay

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Technology has succeeded to influence everything from academia and communication to religion and medicine. It will somehow continue to reinvent itself as time progresses. Consequently, there is so much new content created online than there has ever been and with that comes limitless ease of access. Although there is a prevalence of accessibility, what appears to be occurring is the user’s ability to work with and implement technology effectively, particularly adult learners. Within the hallways of numerous colleges, there are adult learners who are terrified by the acquisition and implementation of technology which is an institutional requirement. Technological skills are a essential for ...view middle of the document...

Attitudes toward the use and implementation of IT are generally constant as it relates to the widespread surveys and questionnaires that have been done, but the research supports differences among the self-efficacy of adult learners and their counterparts. Farmer (2011) stated in her research that adults generally learn contextually and through shared constructions. The nature of adult learners itself has transformed to some degree because of the implementation of technology. Therefore, adult learners are less eager to adopt the use of IT and a greater part of research supports this claim.
Variables formerly studied
Institutes of higher learning generally receive positive reviews from adult learners, but there are factors which modify some observations. Each of these variables were previously studied with the belief that they have an effect on a sector of academia's self-efficacy toward the adoption of IT.
In years gone by, age has been a contentious but repeatedly studied variable. There are varying ways to study age in research. Several studies have been conducted in an attempt to develop a relationship between age and the adoption of technology amongst adult learners. One key explanation age is a variable that is explored in research is largely due to the claim that adult learners' counterparts-the traditional student, are not as aloof as adult learners. They view the use of technology as relevant because of prior experiences with using technology. Much has been made about the new generation of technology-savvy students currently in and entering college. These students possess unprecedented levels of skill with information technology; they think about and use technology very differently from earlier student cohorts. Prensky calls them the "digital natives," referring to the fact that they have grown up with technology as opposed to "digital immigrants" who did not (Prensky, 2001). This assertion has increased research. In the article, The Information-Age: Mindset Changes in Students and Implications for Higher Education (2000), age was examined as a variable and found to be quite significant. Here, the research identified that the traditional or younger college learner held significantly higher opinions toward the adoption of technology than that of their counter parts-the adult learners, thereby indicating that age was a factor as it relates to the self-efficacy toward the adoption of technology (2000). The current generation of college students has grown up with technology, and these...

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