It All Started With A Cake

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My mother had invited her boss over for dinner one night. We prepared a special meal for him; I had no idea that he was diabetic. I was in charge of making dessert. Chocolate cake was my favorite. After learning that he was diabetic and needed shots for his blood sugar I decided that I would leave a section without icing just in case he was able to eat it. I then proceeded to make some sugar free jello with fresh fruit. After dinner was done and it was time for coffee and sweets we brought out what I had made. I noticed a tear in his eye when he realized what I had done. I was twelve years old when this happened. I knew from the look in his eye and the way my mother was acting that this wasn’t just a friendly dinner for them.
My parents had gotten divorced about two years earlier and my real father had just remarried. My mom was trying to move on in her life and provide for her three children that still lived at home. Rodolfo a gentle quiet man who rarely had a bad thing to say was the only thing that could make my mother glow. After that night we started seeing more of him. His gentle nature and humble attitude and the loving looks he gave my mother were starting to become clear. They were falling in love and it wasn’t just about her it was all of us. The feelings he instilled on us children were that we could do whatever we set our minds to. Before they had even mentioned marriage me and my sister had taken it upon ourselves to not only call him Rodolfo but we insisted that he be called Dad. The look of pure joy that spread across his face the first time he heard that was like sunshine breaking through the clouds of a hurricane.
Mom and dad have been...

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