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It Can Be Argued That Australia Is Not An Egalitarian Society Because Of The Fact That It Does Not Provide A Fair Go To Everyone. This Essay Talks About Inequality In Australia

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It can be argued that Australia is not an egalitarian society because of the fact that it does not provide a fair go to everyone. The famous fair go idea is nothing but your average democracies responsibilities and this does not even apply to all. Examples of inequality and injustice are shown in Australia's past to non Anglo Saxon citizens, towards asylum seekers and homosexuals.The White Australian policy is a reflection of how the Australian society has been shaped around racism and discrimination. The white Australian policy though not an official term forced many foreign people of foreign decent to assimilate into the Anglo Saxon population. They were accepted on the understanding that they would shed their culture and languages. It is this same legal system, which has constantly denied human rights and freedom to indigenous people. It is well within living memory that Aboriginal people had to carry passes, were forbidden to consume alcohol, own property and to have equal wage for equal work. Aboriginal people did not have the right to vote until 1967. Australia is supposed to be a democratic country where all are equal regardless of race, colour, greed or religion. Australia's past is not a great representation of this, with its extreme racist and discriminating policies. This is indeed what Australian society has evolved and ultimately been shaped from. Though evolution involves changes, Australia is still following its prejudicial roots towards certain people including many homosexuals.Many Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Australia experience discrimination and abuse in many areas, and are denied basic human rights that most take for granted. Specifically discrimination in employment and in the workplace is a significant issue. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission receives numerous complaints of...

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