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It Can Wait: Texting While Driving

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"I’m on my way to Napier.” 3:59 the clock reads - A message saved in the drafts of Sarah Page’s cell phone. My phone rings as I am traveling back home from Sarah’s house seeing no sign of her. “Is this Sam, Sarah Page’s Sister? Your sister has been in an accident and she’s being taken to the hospital.” I frantically call the hospital and it is confirmed that she has been admitted. My mother had called the hospital and told me, “It is not looking good, she has massive brain injuries, and they are trying to stabilize her.” When my family and I arrive at the hospital, after waiting in the seemingly cold, eerie, silent but stressful waiting room, we finally get to see our sweet little Sarah. Her face is swollen, and she has tubes running everywhere. I desperately wanted to hold her and tell her I loved her, but I was too traumatized. A nurse handed me a paper bag with Sarah’s earrings inside… Then the doctor turned to us. 'She's not going to survive. She's brain dead,' he said. 'I'm afraid there's no hope.'… After we had all said our tearful goodbyes, they turned off her life-support and Sarah left us forever (Page).
Sam had sent her sister Sarah a message informing her she was on the way to see her. “I’m on my way to Napier” was the text message that Sarah was sending to Sam. One text message that could have waited resulted in Sam never being able to see her sister again in her lifetime. One of the major problems with young people texting and driving is that they claim, “It will never happen to me.” There is no doubt that many young people have the mindset that they are responsible and invincible when in reality it only takes a split second for that responsibility and invincibility to be deferred. Most people I know believe texting and driving is not as serious as it actually is. However, there is convincing evidence that proves how dangerous it is.
The University of Utah News Center created an experiment conducting drunk driving and cell phone use in a car with the results in a June 29, 2006 article entitled “Driver on Cell Phones Are as Bad as Drunks” (Strayer). Drivers talking on either handheld or hands-free device hit the brakes 9 percent slower than usual, returned to normal speed 19 percent slower while talking on their cell phone, and there was 24 percent more deviation in following distance behind the pace car as they continued talking on the phone the speeds fluctuated dramatically. All three participants that rear ended the pace car were on their cell phones. Notice this statistic is only talking on the cell phone. Most people have an idea of how traumatic it can be if someone is drinking and driving. “Fortunately, the percentage of drunk drivers at any time is much lower,” Drews says. “So it means the risk of talking on a cell phone and driving is probably higher than driving intoxicated because more people are talking on cell phones while driving than are driving drunk” (Strayer)....

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