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It Could Happen Here Essay

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America needs to pay better attention to what is happening in Japan. This is our opportunity to learn and prepare our own Nuclear Plants in the event of such a crisis. We currently have 100 commercial nuclear power reactor units licensed to operate in the U.S. These operate in 31 of the 48 contiguous states. The nuclear power reactor units provide the U.S. with approximately 20 percent of its electricity. By reviewing Americas history of some recent natural disasters, I intend to build a case that an incident such as Fukushima could happen her in the U.S. I find it essential that these lessons be taken seriously to strengthen nuclear safety and it eventually leading to a complete phasing out ...view middle of the document...

All four reactors are now labeled as write offs. Two other reactors at the plant were not involved in the “accident.”
The nuclear accident, forced 160,000 people that lived in the area to flee. Their homes either destroyed by the forces of Mother Nature or now contaminated and uninhabitable have kept them in Japans version of FEMA housing for the last three years. The area around the power plant is turning into a disaster itself of grand proportions and causing great mistrust among the Japanese people. The government moved them out of the vicinity of contamination.
Until now, just three years and after a nearly $250 million for radiation cleanup, the central government this month declared Miyakoji the first community within a 12-mile evacuation zone around the plant is reopening to residents. Depending on where they lived many have only received paltry amounts approximately half the pre-accident value of just $3,000. Yet, the truth of the matter is the area is still in a cleanup phase, not nearly complete you can see what looks like copious amounts of household trash bags holding nuclear waste. These bags line the streets leading to the village of Miyakoji. Experts have estimated that there is enough nuclear wastewater to fill a football stadium, and Japan has recently released that the incidence of Thyroid cancers had surged among Fukushima youths. So, many still refuse to return to their hilltop homes set on the mountains of this peaceful and enchanting rural village for fear of radiation.
Still skeptical does this not sound like a famously failed cleanup efforts from Katrina that took over 5 years in Louisiana was between $96-$125 billion, with $40-$66 billion in insured losses. Hurricane Katrina was only a category 3 hurricane when it struck land and the devastation was insurmountable. America was grossly unprepared for a situation we admittedly knew was plausible. Perhaps a more recent event with the hurricanes that hit the heavily populated East Coast when Super storm Sandy came...

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