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It Could Happen To Us... Essay

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"When you talk with a couple that had divorced, what question might come into your mind at once?" The researcher believes that the first question that might popped-out in your mind is "why did they divorce?" The answers for that question are varied; every couple that takes a step to divorce has different reasons why they want to divorce. A financial difficulty is one of the problems that might cause divorce. Changing personalities in both or either wife and husband can also cause divorce. It is very hard, because every human being changes in time; to avoid divorce by this reason, a couple needs to understand one another to avoid misunderstanding in personalities. "Are there many other reasons?" Yes there are many other reasons, such as abusive action on either wife or husband or even children. In this case, the victim should tell the police for their own safety. The researcher put a question on this, and 54.5% of the respondents think that the main reason which causes a person to feel tired of her or his marriage are arguments between wife and husband. Seventeen out of twenty two respondents agree that the tiredness, which caused by too much arguments between the husband and wife, makes either or both parties fall into a love affair. And what is the result an affair? It often leads to a divorce."Now we know that an affair is the main reason that causes divorce, but what is the definition for it?" Most people know what an affair is, but they don't know what the exact definition for it is. Affairs are devastating to the trust that is the foundation of relationships. In Letter to Karen, the author clarified that "It's not about gender. It's all about...

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