It Was A Collge Aplication Essay On My Father. It Was Well Recieved By The University Of Miami And Davidson College

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A person who has impacted your life? I keep remembering odd things: his love for cars, jokes he told at the dinner table, his subtle brand of sarcasism, the look in his eyes when he tlaked about my future. I knew college before I'd ever hear of high school, I was my dad's last chance at the degree he never had.His parents never pushed him to achieve any thing in life, he dropped out of high school and joined the army to fight in war he didn't believe in (Vietnam War). After finishig his term in the army he married a women and fathered two children, his first marriage didn't last. He would later meet my mother, but unlike the first marriage it would last, he changed his ways from having dead end jobs; he became an asst. manager of publix after working there for 4 years. Even though he had become successful in Publix he still had a passion for science. So his new goal in life was to instill the passion of science he had to me. Which he did every night since I can remember him and I would watch the Discovery Channel, till I would fall asleep right next to him. He was the one person I could talk to about anything whether it was dating, parties, drugs, sex , and even politics; which we rarely agreed on. He was right about a lot, so often- much more than I gave him credit for at the time. We never agreed on politics. He favored republicanism and I the liberal approach on things. We always kept trying to change each others views. I remember one day we got into a heated discussion about some issues that we totally disagreed on, that day we didn't speak to eachother for a day or two, but as always that...

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Respect Well Deserv'd Shakespeare was a feminist, his writing proves it.

2290 words - 9 pages treated. William Shakespeare must have had a problem with this. In several of his plays he dresses women as men. He was doing this to show that women can do anything that men can do. When, in The Twelfth night, Viola dresses as a man to gain rights, power, and freedom; it was Shakespeare's way of commenting on the lowly status of women in the society of the times.The Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare, is open to interpretation. there is

The Constitution: Analyzing the reasons behind the creation of the United States Constitution as well as how it was created.

678 words - 3 pages alike.Creating such a powerful document in intension to lead a nation requires both government and individual opinion. Principles held within the Constitution were meant to construct a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The Constitution's progression as the United States' fundamental law was not trouble-free- particularly after being criticized by the very people who created it and objected to replacing the previous document

This is a college essay I wrote, which was also for an English class. It was overwhelming for me so this might help some people. Good luck.

513 words - 2 pages , fundraising for various organizations, and countless other activities. Being accepted into NHS has been my greatest accomplishment yet.I feel that my participation at Boston University would be a great benefit to both the college and me. While attending Boston University I plan on being very involved. I want to be in many of the clubs and still volunteer at Kid's Café, whenever I'm in the area. I, also, hope to participate in a sport. I feel that Boston University will benefit myself by giving me the knowledge to become a pediatrician.

This is a paper that I wrote for my health class. I was assigned the topic of smallpox. I did very well on this 5 page paper.

1281 words - 5 pages this disease and we know virtually nothing about it. Kids today should be forced into researching the diseases in order to learn what the chances of us getting it are, and if we DO get it, how would we know? Teens need to know this specific information to be better educated. By being informed about these viruses, they could further read on about other diseases.I personally am not too afraid of catching smallpox in my lifetime. That is also making the assumption that no terrorist or human is going to get the vials of smallpox to spread around. If that were to happen, at least I would know what was going on and what smallpox could do to me.

This was an essay on aphrodisiacs. A list of alleged aphrodisiacs and their affects on sexual behavior, as well as definition and history.

1621 words - 6 pages . The most common forms of aphrodisiacs are foods and drugs.History of AphrodisiacsAphrodisiacs have been around for as long as sex has been enjoyable. The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. The use of aphrodisiacs can be dated back to Ancient Greece and Rome with the use of substances such as satyrion and cantharides. Satyrion is a plant unknown to us today, it supposedly was a plant with reddish leaves and

This is a film review of "The Interpreter" that was written form my college newspaper.

546 words - 2 pages takes place on a bus should be used in master classes on how to direct a thriller. The script has some clever lines. "I'll be honest with you," Silvia says to Keller. "I don't know how honest I can be with you." It cleverly uses structure to help tell the story. A series of frustratingly incomplete phone calls evolves into connections in both technical and emotional terms. Finally, two people communicate in person, revealing their secrets.Those

American Dreams The teacher asked to expand more on the reasons why the move had to been made. Still, he said it was very well written.

652 words - 3 pages got comfortable in my seat by the window. I remember my mom gently patting me on the shoulder, and pointing at the small, oval shaped window with a big smile on her face. I looked and saw the ocean, and the rivers. The tall buildings looked familiar, just like the ones in the movies. It was then that it came to me, my childhood dream was becoming a reality, I was about to land right in the middle of all the action. After getting off that stuffy

Was the punishment that Hester Prynne recieved in The Scarlet Letter a fair punishment?

534 words - 2 pages deserved to be punished for committing adultery, but wearing the scarlet letter "A" for her entire life was much too punitive.In the Puritan society in which Hester lived, it was not uncommon to be publicly humiliated as punishment for a sin. In fact, public humiliation was sometimes considered a light punishment. In chapter 1 of The Scarlet Letter, the women outside of the jailhouse discussed Hester's punishment. Most of the women in this scene agreed

The title of the essay is "sacrifice".This is a college application essay for the University of Miami. In the essay I talked about what sacrifice means to me.

517 words - 2 pages He gazed up at me with the clear bright eyes of a child who was clearly experiencing a rare moment of happiness, and I knew instantly the sacrifice had been worth it. The sacrifice I am speaking of was awaking at five o'clock on a gloomy Saturday morning to take poverty-stricken children in our area shopping at a local department store before it opened. I can't help but to notice life is full of these little decisions. I have longed been plagued

The Teacher That Was Like Father

837 words - 4 pages .’ By the middle of September, he knew about all of his students in that class very well, except two students and that was Makenzie and Johnathan. They would both sit in the back of the class every day, about two seats away from each other. Makenzie was, not to be mean, a little overweight for an eleventh grader or any other person. She wasn’t like the other big girls at Heartly High; she was different. She wore clothes appropriate for her size

James Joyce's "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man". The assignment was to write a well thought out comment on each chapter of the book.

1361 words - 5 pages though Wells pushedhim into a filthy ditch and taunts him about kissing his mother Stephenminds his father and does not tattle on him. Through this action we learn of Stephen's pride and courage.As we follow Stephen's journey through childhood we learn about hislove for beautiful things. He contemplates his place in this world and the enormity of God. Stephen was upset with himself for not knowing more about politics and "where the universe ended

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