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It Implementation Management Plan Essay

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IT Implementation Management Plan

This project will center on JKT and Associates, a large law firm specializing in insurance claims. JKT recently contracted to outsource much of its administrative legal work to Comproc, a supplier specializing in managing claims work and litigation documentation. As a result, 100 Comproc workers will move into JKT headquarters in three months.

The Comproc workers will use JKT software to access JKT's legal data on JKT servers. Comproc workers will also need to connect to servers at Comproc headquarters from JKT in order to access their Comproc email and their claims processing applications.

As the project manager, I will be responsible for completing the on boarding of the Comproc workers within three months. The executive sponsoring the project is Morgan W. Callier, chief counsel at JKT. The JKT technician responsible for application testing is Jim Waxman. The Comproc manager you will work with directly is Joy Callahan. The Comproc workers will be accountable to JKT operations manager Tim Little.

The tasks that follow will make up the final project. Each task number will be identified at the beginning of the task so it can be clearly identified. Task #4 will be omitted per directions from the instructor.

Task 1: Product Charter
Project Title: JKT and Associates
Project Start Date: September 3, 2007
Projected Finish Date: December 31, 2007
Budget Information: $500,000
Project Manager: Robert Sherman,

Project Objectives:
1. 100 Comproc workers will be assigned to work on site at JKT facilities within 3 months.
2. A personal computer (PC) must be purchased for each Comproc worker.
3. JKT software and Comproc software must be installed on the PCs.
4. Comproc software and JKT software must be tested to make sure they are compatible.
5. Two floors must be wired at JKT headquarters so the new Comproc PCs can be plugged into JKT's local area network.
6. A circuit must be installed to connect JKT to Comproc's headquarters, so Comproc's employees can access their Comproc servers.
7. Quotes must be obtained from AT&T, MCI, and Sprint to determine which provider will supply the circuit.
8. Comproc workers must be trained to use the unfamiliar JKT software.
9. A computer helpdesk at JKT must be set up to handle questions from the Comproc workers.

There will be 100 Comproc workers assigned to the JKT offices within 3 months. The Comproc workers will use JKT software to access JKT's legal data on JKT servers. Comproc workers will also connect to servers at Comproc headquarters from JKT in order to access their Comproc email and their claims processing applications.

Roles and Responsibilities
Role Name Organization/
Position Contact Information
Project Manager Robert Sherman
Comproc Anywhere USA
Executive Morgan W. Callier
JKT and Associates Somewhere USA
Technician Jim Waxman
JKT and Associates Somewhere USA
Manager Joy Callahan
Comproc Anywhere USA

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