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Cihan Inkaya (000578686)
POLS 1101 ( American Government)
Professor Flower
Observation Report
The Supreme Court of Georgia is a court of all-purpose authority, and it is said to handle both illegal and political law actions. The judges of the court are reported to chair over cases that involve crimes, disputes on contracts, liabilities on premises as well as other numerous engagements. In addition to this, the court is reported to have a high-class fairness authority over cases on separation, title to a land ownership and offenses involving bench courts-martial which include cases on death penalties.
As a student, I wanted to have a first-hand experience on how a case is handled in a court of law. From what I had learned in class, I expected to see a panel of either seven or five judges as per my learnings in class. I also supposed to see lawyers, clerks, the accuser, accused, security personnel’s, witnesses as well as the observers. I also expected to meet a huge cloud of people who had come to listen to different cases. Because a court is an official place to be, I had to dress officially so as to be permitted to enter into the courtroom. I, therefore, had to wake up early in the morning and dress in a suit. Since I was eager to learn and confirm what I usually saw on television and in movies, I could not afford to be late even by a second (Observation). I set off for my trip to the Supreme Court where I was able to meet different category of people. In the court, everyone was smartly dressed. I met one of the clerk’s outside the courtroom who briefed me on what on the expected conduct once the case was started. He briefed me also on the expected case.
At exactly eight o’clock in the morning, everyone was supposed to be inside the courtroom, and so we entered and remained silent as we waited for the judges to appear. Everyone was in silent as it was expected. There were clerks, lawyers, the accuser, the accused, witnesses, security as well as the observers. Sooner than later, five judges entered the room, and we had to rise as they took their respective positions. The accuser was on the right-hand side of the courtroom while the accused was on the left. We were requested to resume to our seats as one of the clerk’s introduced as to the day's activity. An introduction to the case was made by another registrar. The chair who was the chief justice was seen to have been dressed differently from the rest. The lawyers took us through the case where one of them represented the accuser while the other represented the accused. The accuser was Mr. Crews who had been confirmed guilty on a murder case involving a man by the name Forrest. Crews had accused one of the Judges of the hearing court by the name Brown for what he had called unfair ruling (Observation). He claimed that judge had been influenced externally by a person named Sinkfield who was a victim of the murder case. He also argued that the judge had allowed a weakened witness to...

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