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It Is A Laboratory Essay On An Experiment We Did Over Enzymes And The Effects Of The Parameters On Enzymes.

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ABSTRACT Environmental Parameters on Enzyme Activity. Joey McSloy, Functional Biology, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX 78666.Environmental parameters may affect the enzyme activity rate. We investigated the effects from four different parameters (substrate concentration, ph level, temperature level, and salt concentration. Each parameter was tested in different ways to determine the effects of enzyme activity. Each parameter tested and had an optimum level where the enzyme activity was at its peak (neutral ph 7, high substrate concentration, 3% salinity rate, and 11 degrees Celsius) INTRO The research conducted was preformed to determine the effects of different parameters of enzyme activity. By doing this experiment we hope to find the best conditions for enzyme activity. Enzyme activity can vary greatly depending on the conditions in which the reactions occur. By changing these conditions we hope to get a better knowledge and understanding of the parameters that will limit enzyme activity.The first of the four parameters tested was substrate concentration and how it affects enzyme activity. The null hypothesis in this experiment was that there will be no change on the enzyme activity as a result in the change of substrate concentration. The alternative hypothesis was that changing substrate concentration would effect the enzyme activity rate. The experiment preformed for substrate concentration would indefinitely show the optimum level of substrate concentration. The peroxide substrate will interact with the turnip peroxidase, and it will effect the enzyme activity because it binds to the enzyme, reacts and then is released.The second parameter was the pH level and how it effects the enzyme activity. The null hypothesis in this experiment was that there will be no change on the enzyme activity as a result in the change of the pH level. The alternative hypothesis was that changing the pH level would effect the activity of the enzyme. The pH level is simply a measure of how acidic or basic it is and in this experiment we can determine what pH would be the optimum level for the enzyme activity.The third parameter was the concentration of salt and how it effects the enzyme activity. The null hypothesis in this experiment was that there will be no change on the enzyme activity as a result in the change of the salt concentration. The alternative hypothesis was that changing the salt concentration would effect the activity of the enzyme. The salt concentration itself will act upon the enzyme (turnip peroxidase) itself and affect the speed of the reaction.The fourth parameter was the Temperature and how is effected the enzyme activity. The null hypothesis in this experiment was that there will be no change on the enzyme activity as a result in the change of the temperature. The alternative hypothesis was that changing the temperature would effect the enzyme activity rate. The temperature changing should effect the activity of the enzyme because...

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