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It Is A Review And Analysis Of A Play "As You Like It" By William Shakespeare.

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Theatrical Analysis

As You Like It

Play Review

As You Like It was one of the most unusual plays I had ever seen. Even though it was my first time seeing a Shakespearean play performed on stage, I was able to make some sense out of it. Since the play was a comedy, I expected surprising events to happen as in the The Merchant of Venice. Even though, there was no loss in the possessions or supernatural events, the main characters escaped in the woods in order to be remote from a corrupt society. The forest represented a pure way of living because there was no structure of hierarchy. Everyone was equal in ways of making the survival.

In the pre-discussion about the show, Rachel made the emphasis by her summary that a play was as unusual as "Alice in Wonderland." In the play lovers were chasing each other around in the forest when events go strange. In my opinion, the play is unpredictable as a fairy tale since the characters suddenly change their charges. Frederick becomes religious while Oliver and Phoebe transform to be less poisonous. The ending, as I understood from the pre-discussion, was very mixed. Rosalind's plot of being a man was undermined since Jacques and Oliver had uncovered her indirectly. One of Oliver's quotes was "Are you a man" after showing bloody clothes. It gave up her position which was not surprising to most of the characters at the end. Also, a theme of disorder was dominating in the play. Especially the scene with vows was ambiguous since the characters were surrounded by nonsense. At the end, it was even unclear who said what. The most symbolic was the seven ages of man scene which I will uncover later in my review.

�One of the elements that impressed me was a modern look of the play. Originally the clothes had to come from Elizabethan times. The actors wore suits and dresses to show touches of twenty first century. It was used symbolically to demonstrate the evolution to nowadays standards. The mafia of Frederick and Charles's wrestling outfit had given them a better representation in their position. It was evident that Frederick's suit was as the one of Al Capone's time with traditional touches. On the other hand, the Duke had an outfit of a homeless person. Such outcome had showed their positions on the societal tree. The outfits of Oliver and Orlando made me wonder about their meaning. Both of them did not have any shoes at the end. In my opinion it was symbolic because it showed that finally they were brothers. In a way it distinguished them from a crowd on the wedding night and united them as twins.

����������� The Duke and Frederick were presented in one character in a sudden transition. They were as Yin and Yang in the Chinese symbol to represent an honest side and a dark half. Frederick was a pit-bull in the play since he brutally banished anyone from his kingdom. On the other hand, the other Duke was more understanding of his subjects. They...

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