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It Is An Article That Is Something That Would Exalt Man Something That Would Justify His Existence On This Earth

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The phoenix is a legendary creature which absurdly dies because of its own flame. As I lie awake late at night to enter this journal, I think of the things that happened in the past few weeks. Only one sentence fits and gives color to the experience: it was hell. But going through that hell was no worries for the rewards of last night and/or yesterday. It's just too much to take.

It is believed that phoenix's tears cure most of the wounds. I like to believe that all the tears shed in the previous weeks were more than enough to cure the wounds that hurt us all. There are wounds ...view middle of the document...

Man is a being of great potential. A man full of untapped resources. But tapping those resources by an external force is not enough. The wielder of such great a force must learn HOW to control such powers. Only upon control or mastery of the flames within him could man be able to spread his wings and FLY to wherever he desires.

But unfortunately a phoenix like any other creatures is no exception to death. It must die. By its fires, death is. As it dies a rather painful death, and by its very own fires by the way, ashes only remain of its once lively and powerful being. No trace of the once mighty and unconquerable being is visible.

This is not to mean that the battle is over. Never it is to mean that the battle is supposed to end after the phoenix is consumed by its very own flames. No. The battle and struggle never end. It goes on and on. From the very remains of the creature, a new one is born. A new but still the same phoenix arises - only stronger given the trials of the previous experiences.

And just like the phoenix, may we be able to be consumed by OUR very OWN flames. Even if it means the death of us. But this death would be futile unless one has complete volition on the course of events. Every one must be aware of the functions of certain things, and appreciate. Then, and only then, can we be reborn into a better one - a better INDIVIDUAL. Then and only then can we be reborn again into a fiery and soaring creature. No longer wild nor brute, but GLORIOUS and INCREDIBLE!

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