It Is Beneficially Correct To Place Sensors On Employees

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The question has been asked if the sensors being placed on employees is truly beneficial. Now, it is time that people can sleep soundly at night knowing the answer. Although certain employees believe these sensors are an invasion of privacy, there are an abundant amount of perks. Consequently, putting sensors on employees is beneficial because they inform how and when employees are most efficient, utilize group dynamics data, and overall, can make the work teams a cut above the rest.
As employers, they look for people to be efficient as they work. Sometimes however, the American notion, “that your most productive time is when your sitting at your desk…” is not relevant in everyone’s case. ...view middle of the document...

These meetings are not always a productive setting. The Bank of America saw this and they decided to be the testing grounds for placing sensors on employees. Arena says that with the sensors, companies are able to, “understand how one person steps into the room and influences others.” This shows that if one dominant, more talkative, person enters the conversation, other people’s attitudes differ. When one person who is a diligent worker enters, it can automatically turn the others from ‘lazy’ mode to ‘ahh work ,work ,work’ mode. Similarly, the sensors were able to pick up unified conversation in a shared break time at the Bank of America. This led the company to see that employees who take breaks together are often times more focused during the day. With a combined break period, “employees would often troubleshoot their workplace problems.” For Bank of America, the company learned a crucial part of keeping the employees from living a day thinking of the problems with their work. Inevitably, these sensors told the company how to get the employees to work more efficiently by not thinking of their problems all day, and letting go, at break with co-workers. In fact, they were shocked to find that, “the company experienced a 10 percent improvement in productivity.” The group dynamics at this 90 person call center were completely transformed by a simple change in schedule. The company can give its thanks to their little friend, ‘Mr. Sensie' (short for sensor) for showing this troubleshooting, cohesiveness, happening in the break.

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