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It Is For Starbucks.Co Caffee And Resloves Few Questions About It Success!

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Starbucks have started its business in 1971 by opening a shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market. Until 1986 their operations were mainly in the area of Seattle, but from that year they started their expansion in other cities in the U.S. by opening coffee shops. Today Starbucks is operating 6,294 coffee retail shops throughout the world.How does Starbucks deliver good experience to customers?The company objective is to establish Starbucks as the most recognized and respected brand in the world. Their goal is to deliver the best service to their customers and also to deliver the best taste of the coffee. They are purchasing and roasting high quality whole bean coffee. They have variety of brand names which are widely known throughout the world and they are not only sold in their retail shops but also in the supermarkets. In their retail stores you can taste more than 30 types of different coffees, but you can also find "Tazo" tea, Starbucks ice cream, food, sweets, and many other things which make their stores a pleasant environment. Furthermore they are trying to introduce new products and develop new distribution channels in order to achieve their objectives. There are many interesting services offered by Starbucks to their customers but we would like to mention only few which make them different from other retail stores. For instance the Starbucks Corporation has introduced "The Starbucks Card" which gives the ability to their customers to use the card as a form of a currency. With the introduction of this card they are improving their customer service; they shorten the lines in stores, and make a person's daily stop at Starbucks quicker and more convenient. Additionally, the card is so technologically advanced that it is actually faster to use than a credit card, debit card, or even cash. Next interesting service they offer to their customers is the wireless internet connection in their coffee shops. They provide customers with simple, fast and convenient connections to their corporate information and the web. Once connected, you can check your email, surf the web, book a holiday and even shop online-all at super speeds and in coffee shop comfort. How do they come to this idea? According to their surveys they realize that the 90% of their customers were internet users, and also they noted that the company have making 80% of its business in the morning. So, they make these steps in order to keep their customers for more in their stores. They believe that this will drive customer traffic in off-peak hours and improve brand image. The last service that we want to mention is the office beverage service. In this service they offer coffee, tea, and food delivery to your office no matter what size is the office. But depending on the size of the office they offer you different programs. For instance, large offices requiring a greater amount of service, their office beverage service provides brewing equipment and service as part of total break room...

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