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'it Is Good To Have An End To Journey Toward, But It Is The Journey That Matters In The End' Ursula Le Quin. Discuss This Concept With Reference To Other Texts.

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Ursula LeQuin's concept 'It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end,' is an accurate, fair comment that relates and compares well to Roberto Benigi's film Life Is Beautiful and 'The Road Not Taken' composed by Robert Frost, whereas The Red Tree a picture book composed by Sean Tan and 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock' composed by T.S Eliot illustrates contrast to this notion.Roberto Benigi portrayed Guido as having a goal to protect the innocence of his son from the true violence and brutality of war. He achieved this through use of irony as Guido comically misinterprets the German soldier to affirm Joshua's trust in Guido's fabricated story, the German soldier interprets the Jews confused and startled expressions, as portrayed to the audience via close up shot, as fear and respect for the rules that he has declared. Guido achieves personal satisfaction in these situations where his quick wit and intellect are put to the test and his life at risk to accomplish his goals and hence why his journey is what matters to him.Roberto Benigi creates an emotional scene depicted through the use of a bright, contrasting lighting and a close up shot of Joshua hiding in the box, which focuses the audiences attention on the boy's innocent looking eyes, reflecting what Guido's journey and sacrifice has been for. Guido heroically and happily marches to hide his fate to Joshua, with the contrast of the bitter antagonized soldier pushing Guido from behind. Guido is shot by the soldier with Joshua knowing no more. This would suggest that it was the journey that mattered to Guido in the end as he fulfilled his goal to protect his son.Robert Frost uses a sustained metaphor through out his poem were he describes 'Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,' being metaphorical for summer turning to autumn symbolizing responsibility and 'To where it bent in the under growth;' being metaphorical for an inability to tell the future, these various metaphors are figurative of the persona's different life changing decisions and inner...

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