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Summary of Henry V
-Chorus asks audience to make up for the pathetic stage with their imagination using powerful imagery and deceptive language.
Act 1 Scene 1:
-The Canterbury and Ely discuss how to mitigate the law that will take away half of their wealth.
-Canterbury and Ely discuss how Henry's playboy history has actually made him a better king.
Act 1 Scene 2:
-Henry asks Canterbury to explain the Salic Law and whether he has the right to claim the French throne, and ask him to tell only the truth because the consequences of war are huge.
-Canterbury makes a long speech about the Salic law and explained that because the Salic land is no longer France as the boundaries have changed, he has the right to the French throne.
-Canterbury offers a huge sum to help with the war.
-Henry raises problem of the Scots invading.
-Ambassador of France sends Henry a gift from the Dauphin.
-Henry responds by threatening him saying that France will regret this mockery and sends him the declaration of war.
Act 2:
-English are preparing for war.
-French are conspiring some Englishmen.
Act 2 Scene 1:
-Pistol and Nym are fighting because of the Hostess.
-Falstaff is sick.
-Pistol and Nym make peace.
Act 2 Scene 2:
-Henry finds out about the traitors and tests their loyalty.
-The traitors were then executed.
Act 2 Scene 3:
-Falstaff is dead, and is mourned by Pistol, Nym, Bardolph, Hostess and Boy.
Act 2 Scene 4:
-French is preparing for war.
-Dauphin mocks Henry.
-Henry's claim is proven legal.
-Exeter threatens French with a bloody war.
Act 3:
-French king offers daughter with some worthless land to Henry to call off the war. Henry refuses the offer.
Act 3 Scene 1:
-Henry urges soldiers to fight more.
-Henry lead a charge into the battle.
Act 3 Scene 2 :
-Pistol, Nym, Bardolph and Boy stay away from the battle.
-Boy decides he wants to leave them.
Act 3 Scene 3:
-Llewellyn and Macmorris discuss about the war but don’t get on well.
Act 3 Scene 4:
-Henry asks if Harfleur is going to give in, and gives a...

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