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In everyday life in a teenager’s retrospect, he or she faces constant battle throughout the day that he or she must overcome in order to continue with life. These battles include homework, relationships, family problems, and even financial issues for universities. Overall, however, the largest inconvenience for high schoolers would have to be the fact that students who attend, whose parents have a large sum of money, do not usually work for their education, as one with a low income would. Throughout life, they are handed opportunities and basically throw them away because they no longer care about working. This is because it is indented into their minds that he or she no longer has to work for financial support, but can solely rely on their parents. As said by Nancy C. Morse and Robert S. Weiss, at the University of Michigan “...Working is more than a means to an end of employed men...” meaning that working is not just for a living, but for the initiative and purpose of being a working person. Now, work all starts with personality, willing to work, and school. In order to change the selfishness in the school system, we as a community at Worland High School need to stop segregating children based off of financial location, do not accept “quitters” only because they are rich and can afford to slack, and discontinue the ability to be elected as a school official on popularity (which is usually determined by money).
One issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that students are segregated by income, where in the ones with the lower incomes are set towards the bottom of the “food-chain,” so to speak. It is clearly depicted in everyday life where the one whose family struggles with financial issues is the one who has to sit alone at lunch. In today’s society, the one who makes the most money is the one who has all the friends, has the nicest clothes, and will most-likely be in sports. That is the world of today’s definition of popularity. Some say that it is harmless, but these divisions about dollars can bring up severe psychiatric problems in their mind, as well as their body. The American Psychological Association (APA) states that children have previously suffered from “...depressive symptoms by virtue of their low-income status.”
Life in the community would be better if we also didn’t allow students to cease their learning experience and resign from school because they believe that their money alone can sustain them for the rest of their lives; it is a reckless and insecure move to not continue with the education set forth on your path for a steady way to earn money. People with low incomes can choose to fail, and it usually is quite common. However, when those students fail, it is because they most-likely fall victim to the same fate as their parents before them did. For example, if a boy grew up in an unstable household, worked on cars all day with his or her father, and never touched a book...

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