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"It Is The Journey Not The Arrival That Matters." Is This Your Understanding Of Journey? Use The Prescribed Text And At Least 1 Related Material.

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The arrival of a journey is not as significant as the journey itself. Without considering the journey, the arrival would mean nothing. A journey is more than a movement from one point to another, it is what happens during the journey to an individual that matters, and the arrival is just the outcome of the process of development. Animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman’s cartoon movie ‘Anastasia’ (1997) conveys how journeys aren’t straightforward and can have many detours. But, the documentary ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ (SBS 2008) featuring Jack Thompson deeply explores how journeys can have significant impacts on people who a somewhat linked to them, be it present or future.Bluth and Goldman’s animation ‘Anastasia’ depicts choices an individual may have to make on a journey and how journeys may be influenced by curiosity and the need to seek knowledge. At the beginning of the film Anya (Anastasia), the main protagonist, comes across a fork in the road and she has two choices - go left and work in a fish market for the rest of her life, or go right to Saint Petersburg to catch a train to Paris and search for her family. This shows how journeys are always full of choices and how we are always forced to choose between different ‘paths’ to take. When Anya decides to take the path on the right, she feels anxious as she realises that she’s deciding to leave her familiar environment to go to a foreign one, but then she feels anticipation because she knows that by taking this path there is a chance in finding her family or people who may know of her past. Anya’s anxiousness turning into anticipation is represented in the song she sings whilst walking down the chosen path, the rhythm is slow at the beginning (giving a feeling of uncertainty) but gradually becomes faster (giving a feeling of faith and self-confidence).On the other hand, journeys have many detours and obstacle that may negatively affect an individual mentally and/or physically. Bluth and Goldman uses deception as the main obstacle in this film by having two other main characters, Dimitri and Vladimir, as con-artists trying to deceive the Empress Dowager in order to receive the reward money for restoring Anastasia to her, Anya becomes mislead and unconsciously becomes part of their con. When Anya discovers this, she becomes furious, loses motivation to search for her family and begins to pack her things. While Anya was packing her things, she finds a rose that she had when she was in Paris with Dimitri before she found about his plans, after having one last look at it she tosses it into the bin and resumes her packing. This shows us that she wants to go back to the fork in the road and forget everything that has happened, but she doesn’t realise that it is impossible to return to the start and be that same person when she started.The first episode of the SBS documentary ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ with Jack...

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