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It Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (An Analysis Of Three Favorite Texts Of The Semester)

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As the year comes to a close along with my second to last semester of high school goes with it, I reflect to the past year and think about all that has happened. Not only do the memories of my last homecoming, winning the spirit stick (twice in a row) football game, or dance flood into my mind, but the one thing that comes first into my head is my three favorite texts read from Dr. McGee’s English class. From the fall to now, we have gone through countless texts; thousands of words, and hundreds of annotations, and a total of sixteen read and write packets. All in all, I have developed a liking for three of the texts we have read throughout the semester. The texts of “Beowulf”, “Canterbury Tales”, and “Macbeth” are my three favorite texts from the semester.
The first text that we read this semester and one of my favorites is Beowulf, for its insight to early British literature. This text appealed to me in the fact that I had heard about the story of Beowulf, but I never knew the plot of the story. It was interesting for me to learn about how life was like back during the time of Beowulf. It was also fascinating to me about how the writing style was back then during England’s early years. This was also the first epic hero we learned about this year and it was interesting to me how the story of an epic hero plays about. “Lived, no prince so mild, no man so open to his people, so deserving of praise,” (Beowulf, lines 868-869) as I had found out after reading this literary work, Beowulf lives a life we should all live.
The next important and one of my favorite literary work we did this year was that of Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales.” This is where I was first introduced to a writing form made famous by Chaucer, and that righting form is satire. I learned in a sarcastic and funny way, the lives of Englanders during the...

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