It Is The Quality Of Parenting, Not Who Is Parenting

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“It’s The Quality of Parenting, Not Who’s Parenting”

“Yes, single-parent families are different from two-parent families. And urban families are different from rural ones, and families with six kids and a dog are different from one-child, no-pet households. But even if there is only one adult presiding at the dinner table, yours is every bit as much a real family as are the Waltons.” Marge Kennedy
Therefore, it is ironic that the two human heroes of each movie are so
completely opposite in physical stature, backgrounds, and their actual gifts; and yet so alike in
the amazing accomplishments they are able to achieve throughout both tales.
Though statistics state this to otherwise be single parent families can be just as good as two parent families. For in the same manner every family has its own disruptions and hardships.
The shape of the American Family has changed dramatically over the last few decades. The number of children living in single parent homes have nearly doubled in the last fifty years. Many have offered their opinions and many have done studies to demonstrate the effects of the non-traditional family in today’s society. Statistics have shown that single parent families are out of the norm, on the other hand researchers say these families are just new variations on the idea that constitutes a family.
Many factors are set on both single parent families and two parent families. Both have their ups and downs in contrast to many things. No one family is identical in any means. The family structure influences children’s probability of success in life. Positive parental guidance and supportive communities help lead to success. On the other hand some negative factors that may lead to problems are that of parental neglect, and conflicts within a family.
Regardless of the family structure the quality of parenting plays a big role in children’s emotional and well-being. For single parents it is said to be difficult to function as a parent. I disagree, with knowing that I am all my children have it makes me want to do that much better as a parent. Though single parents go through different sets of challenges, challenges occur in all family groups. Problems come from unstable home environments whether it’s a home of a single parent or a two parent home. Some of the challenges they both have are: problems in their own relationships, their economic well-being, and the amount of time parents spend working to how much time they spend as a family. When talking about relationships single parents may go through a number of partners which is not good for children’s emotional distress. Where as in married couples it may be the constant disagreements between the two and maybe even the talk or end result of...

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