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It's Time To Break The Fast Food Addiction

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“Future historians, I hope, will consider the American fast food industry a relic of the twentieth century--a set of attitudes, systems, and beliefs that emerged from postwar southern California, that embodied its limitless faith in technology, that quickly spread across the globe, flourished briefly, and then receded, once its true costs became clear...”
-- Eric Schlosser -- Fast Food Nation Is fast food worth the trouble it may cause you?  Obesity is a growing problem and it is taking a toll on kids’ health due to eating too much fast food.  But who is to blame for the fattening of our country?  Is it us, or the companies that allow us to pack on the pounds?  Obesity itself is not only the problem.  Obesity also causes many diseases such as depression, heart complications, and much more.  “By eating like Americans, people all over the world are beginning to look more like Americans, at least in one respect.  The United States now has the highest obesity rate of any industrialized nation in the world” (Schlosser, 240).

Nowadays, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that fast food is not good for the human body.  Yes, it is a quick and cheap (from restaurants offering a dollar menu) but it lacks the essentials one’s body needs to be refueled.  Rod Baird, teacher and author of the article “Fast-Food Examination,” gives an assignment to his students.  First he records the reactions of the students after he asks them if they would like fast food restaurants to serve food at their cafeteria.  Then he let them research the nutrition facts from items off of menus.  All of the children first made comments like, “Awesome!” and “I would actually like coming to school if that happened.”  After the children did their research, they found out the facts.  Their reactions turned into:  “So after one fast food meal you are basically done for the day.”  After the children were informed about how unhealthy fast food really was, they were able to then make educated decisions about what to eat for their meals.  These wise words were said in his article:

Those places are American icons. Do you know what an icon is? It’s a symbol of our popular culture, like the circus. So it makes sense that you still want to go to a fast-food outlet once in a while. Enjoy the sizzle and slickness. But you don’t want to make yourself sick. Be careful when choosing fast food. Understand what you’re eating. (Rod Baird)
Our economy heavily relies on fast food every day.  “Many critics blame businesses like McDonald’s for public health concerns, contending that fast-food menus and portion sizes contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and a variety of other diet-related problems” (Adams).  Concluded from the children’s research, fast food isn’t healthy.  Just because the food isn’t healthy doesn’t mean we should not eat it at all,...

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