It Is Time To Get Serious About Hump Day

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Advertisements during prime time television are detrimental to selling products; however, it is unlikely for anyone to buy a product from a commercial that is insufficient or just plain bad. The commercial Hump Day which was featured during the pregame show of Super Bowl XLVIII sparked a lot of laughter from a talking camel walking into an office, and asking workers “What day it is?” Once a worker named Leslie tells the camel that today is hump day the camel whoops into excitement (Geico, 2013). The commercial “Hump Day” represented Geico in an unprofessional way on the criteria of presentation, product placement, and message, and should be replaced with a more respectable commercial that shows consumers that Geico is a qualified choice.
Presentation is everything when it comes to marketing a product or brand name. The commercial titled “Hump Day” (Geico, 2013) was unsuccessful in its overall presentation because of the lack of proper integrity of the business done by the attitude of the advertisement. A study done by George Anghelcev at Penn State University suggests that “strong support for the predicted congruity effect in executional style on all three dependent measures (attitude towards ad, attitude towards brand, and purchase intent” (p. 7, 2013). Anghelcev’s study shows the primary attention grabbers that advertisement agencies should focus on which are how the overall commercial is presented to the audiences and the attitude of how it is presented. In the commercial “Hump Day” by Geico sways the audience with a comedic animal, although this harms the effectiveness to the brand by drawing attention to the comedy, and not the actual product. The comedic feel of the commercial suggests that insurance is a big joke, and that it should not be taken seriously. The car insurance company Allstate understands the seriousness of car insurance and how responsible and reliable they can be. “Back to Basics” from Allstate gave a brief history of their services and how they will continue to serve people and their cars (2009). The commercial was introduced by their spokesperson Dennis Haysbert with a soft melody in the background. A commercial like this is riveting and easy to watch, given the old photos that were presented and...

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