It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

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In J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, the children must learn that growing up is inevitable no matter what, shown by the experiences of Wendy, John, and the Lost Boys. Wendy chooses to leave Peter and go back to her parents in London, accepting adulthood. John gives up fighting with the pirates, his passion, to return to London and become an adult. The Lost Boys all abandon their father figure, Peter, to go to London with the Darlings and grow up into adults. In other words, growing up is a certainty that the children must accept, just as Wendy did by leaving Peter and returning to London.
To begin, Wendy Darling gives in to adulthood when she leaves her role as “mother” of the Lost Boys and “wife” of Peter to return to her family in London. For example, Wendy loves all of the Lost Boys and Peter and thrives in her position of mother to the boys. That is what makes her decision to return a sign of her acceptance of growing up. Not only is she going to age where she would stay young in Neverland, but her sacrifice of something she loves represents her blossoming into an adult. She puts away childish pleasures in favor of the less exciting but necessary life of a grown woman. While she can no longer participate in Peter’s childish adventures, she fondly recalls them when he returns for her daughter years later. Another example of Wendy growing up is her realization that she cannot be a fit mother to the Lost Boys. Although she cares deeply for them, she understands that she is still a child and cannot help her fellow children develop physically, mentally, and emotionally when she herself is not developed. In summary, Wendy shows maturity that only comes with age by returning to her normal life, similar to her brother John.
In addition to Wendy, John Darling also accepts adulthood when he gives up his dream life of fighting pirates and having adventures to return home with his...

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