It Is Time For A Change In Our American Government

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A growing problem in today’s government is Congress and the President of the United States forcing bills into law that the majority of the public do not support and then exempting themselves from the effects of the laws. Executive power is being abused and laws are being passed just to see what is in them. This is neither logical nor fair to the American public. It is time to take back the United States of America for its people. In order to do so, it is necessary to in effect overhaul the government or at least give it a tune up. Congressional terms need to be limited and it needs to become easier to remove pubic officials from office if they cannot or will not live up to their campaign promises and duty to their constituents. Bills need to be thoroughly read and discussed prior to a vote. Executive power needs to be more specifically defined and have more limitations placed upon it. If it is discovered that the president or any member of congress has lied to the American public there should be penalties placed upon the individual or group of individuals responsible.
In recent years civil liberties have been stripped away. Political correctness has become a noose around the neck of free thinkers and politicians play games that endanger the American way of life. The American government as a whole needs to be held accountable for its actions whether they are good, bad, or indifferent. President Obama in his 2009 inaugural address spoke of financial accountability but that is not all that requires accountability (Steinhoff). It is time to hold all politicians regardless of their title or job to a higher standard of conduct. If those who serve in America’s military are held to a higher standard of conduct than an ordinary citizen, an elected member should be held to an even higher standard. After all most military service members are rarely if ever in a position to have their actions viewed on a local level much less a state or national level. The media ignores them unless there is a controversy. National level elected officials are often in the spotlight for one reason or another. The world and nation watches them. For the elected official this means that any mistake or slip or screw up can be front page news almost immediately. If an individual wants to be a politician on that level they should not be allowed to make a fool of themselves or this country in front of the entire nation or world. If a politician makes a promise then he or she need to be required to keep it. Failure to do so should result in fines and loss of office. Then the runner up for that position from the last official election should be given the job. If a politician acts in a way unbecoming a member of the government, that individual should be fired and the next in line given the job. If a crime is committed by a politician they should not get any kind of preferential treatment, instead if convicted the individual should be given the maximum allowable punishment from both...

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