It's Time To Reduce America's Materialism

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America is in desperate need of an ego deflation. With the cockiness of how people throw their money around and the arrogance in their divine belief that they deserve all of their luxuries - it will surely be the eloquent downfall of any dignity we think we possess. If that statement unnerved you, perhaps you might be willing to consider the prospect of change. This is where I propose endorsing a Buy Nothing Day. Quite literally what it sounds like, this day would be a 24 hour period where people are encouraged to ignore their impulses and not buy anything. This would show people what they are truly taking for granted, and serve as a feasible solution.
Buy Nothing Day isn’t a foreign concept, although it has been treated as such. Actually, we do it every year unwittingly. Disguised by names such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, the concept of Buy Nothing Day makes its appearance. On these holidays, businesses close and would-be frantic shoppers are prompted to put up their wallets and walk away from the stores. Instead, they are encouraged to indulge in personal endeavors, illuminating the benefits of quality family time and relaxing in the pleasantries of one’s home. The impulse for wanton buying is curbed, and people enjoy the lack of materialistic agendas. Now it is being proposed that an entire day can be dedicated to this engaging aspect of no purchasing. By bestowing it with a title, Buy Nothing Day, people can acknowledge the willpower it takes to not fall victim to the enticing pull of extravagancy. Should a Buy Nothing Day prove efficacious, many will be rewarded with a greater appreciation for how easy it is to attain the things we want. People don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone, and this certainly proves true when concerning possessions. For example, the feminine world was thrust into panic when one of the most favored brands of tampons was mysteriously recalled. The item literally disappeared off the shelves. Many women were outraged that they couldn’t purchase their beloved tampon brand and indignantly refused even considering using a different brand name. This concrete devotion only caused more devastation when the frenzied women realized they may never be able to use their precious tampons again. There is no doubt, should the mysterious disappearing tampons reappear, that these loyal women will appreciate what they are given much, much more. The lesson of appreciation would be a reward to all who participate in Buy Nothing Day.
Buy Nothing Day is meant to affect affluent families as well. By participating in this widespread event, these well off people can, to an extent, relate to people who are lower on the scale of wealth. For at least one day, the nation will experience a form of unity and social classes will see a little more eye to eye. A mental disorder, Synesthesia, is an excellent example of the distinct...

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