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It's Time To Update The Catholic Mass

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Catholic faith believes that thousands of years ago, God sent his son Jesus Christ to our world to save us from our sins. He preached about God’s heavenly kingdom that we would someday join if we had trust in him. Many people rejected his teachings. Some people, however, put their trust in him and believed what he had to say. These first followers, along with Jesus Christ himself, formed the Catholic Church. Today, over 1.6 billion people around the world are apart of the Catholic Church, making it the largest organized religion (Catholic Data, Catholic Statistics, Catholic Research). Active Catholics practice their faith by attending mass every Sunday to worship the Lord. This time taken out of the week should be a time for Catholics to reflect and pray to the Lord; however, many people find this difficult when much time is spent speaking and listening to words and phrases they do not even fully understand. If Catholic parishioners are seeking to form a close and personal relationship with God, they must be able to understand, participate, and relate to the teachings of the mass.
I believe that it is very difficult for people to fully form a connection with God during mass when they are almost asleep and just going through the motions. Many people do not even know what the words they are speaking thoroughly mean; they only respond to the priest with what they are supposed to say. We were taught at a young age all of the prayers said in mass and what we are supposed to say at certain times. This, however, eventually becomes a routine in which we say what we are supposed to without thinking about the powerful meaning behind each and every word. One specific instance is when we recite the Our Father. We hold hands because we are told to, not because we want to, or because we feel it is the right thing to do. We speak the words because we know them and we know it is an important prayer to our faith. But as we recite those words, do we really think about what they mean? What is the point of saying them if we don’t even think about what we are saying? After forty-five minutes of listening and saying short responses, most people are more focused on going home rather than thinking about the meaning behind the Our Father. The personal connection we are looking to form with God diminishes as the mass progresses because we become bored so quickly.
Deacon Timothy Shell argues in his article “But Church Is Boring” that technology is the reason why people today find it more difficult to hold a connection with the mass. We constantly search for entertainment, and the Church is unable to provide us with the entertainment and communication we are looking for. He states, “Our hearts may still cry out for God, but everything in our culture subconsciously tells us that the Church is outdated and no longer relevant” (Shell). The Catholic Church needs to realize that this is not an issue society can change, but they need...

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