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It Management Essay

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IT Management
When you are talking about IT management, there are a wide range of topics. IT can be the computers, software, network, data, marketing, and many more to list. IT has become a huge part of business management with the growth of the field. Using IT not only can help with the benefits of the company, but also with the expansion of a company. It is very important for higher levels of a company to be on board and ready to intertwine IT with the business model and strategic planning. These days without IT, business would be a huge challenge to become successful and compete in the area of projection.
What is IT?
Information technology, also known as IT, consists of the use of computers along with software to manage information. IT can consist of not just the computers and software but also includes servers, routers, databases, networks, and lots more. The combinations of all these things are IT infrastructure. When building an infrastructure in a business, the business has many options to resort to for the functions. Some of the options, addressed later in the paper, are in-house, outsourcing, or cloud computing. “It wasn't long ago that the Information Technology department might have consisted of a single Computer Operator, who might be storing data on magnetic tape, and then putting it in a box down in the basement somewhere.” (Schneider, 2014) IT has come a long way in the industry along with in business aspects.
IT Functions
IT functions can be the difference between the success and nonsuccess of a company. The functions are those of the management of the business data and information. “Function IT includes information systems that improve the productivity of individual users in performing stand-alone tasks.” (Reynolds, 2009) A good example of this would be Qualcomm. Qualcomm is always producing the next better-aged chips, and parts for mobile phones and devices. They are using all their applications and machinery to keep producing and advancing the chips and parts they sell to other manufactures to complete their projects. There is a mixture of levels in the IT function, which I will choose a few that I feel are the most important.
IT operations
These operations consist of, but are not limited to, the responsibilities of the supervision and management to the conduct of the IT. The management department can monitor these operations. Management can also align performance with their targets as well as observe trends. You can have the regular management handle this workload or have IT management imbedded into the company also.
IT Security
Security in your IT is not an option these days. This is a mandate, to keep all information as private as possible. Security will help keep all business information inside the business, keep information from being hacked, and keep the network from crashing. This is all pretty much the Homeland Security for the United States but for the network and data of the company. It is important to try to...

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