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It Middle School Teaching Package Based On Australian History.

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Assignment 1 -- Teaching Package with RationaleAustralian HistoryObjectivesTo develop a teaching package based on Australian History while incorporating information and communication technologies. This package aims to give students a fundamental understanding on Australian Discovery, Colonisation, Land exploration, Aboriginal Legends and also to exercise their current knowledge of 21st century Australia by comparing how much Australia has changed as a country from first discovery to today.Lesson PlansLesson 1:(40 mins)Discovery and Colonisation - CD-ROM encyclopaedia/ MS WordPart 1:Have all students turn on their computers and sign in and tell them how to get to the CD-ROM encyclopaedia and launch MS WORD.Part 2:Walk them through the basics of searching data step-by-step. Students are expected to use the encyclopaedia to research Discovery and Colonisation of Australia.Part 3:Instruct them how to import the data into MS Word. The students are then to collect the required information and develop a one page document highlighting their findings.Part 4:Before students print their documents, instruct them how to add formatting, borders, word art and images. Have them save their work, exit all running programs and log off the computer.Lesson 2:(40 mins)Land exploration - KidPix StudioPart 1:Divide the class up into groups that you feel will work well together. Hand each group a labeled map of Australia.Part 2:Have all students turn on their computers and sign in and tell them how to get to KidPix Studio.Part 3:The groups will have one computer and will be using KidPix Studio. Each group will be assigned part of Australia to illustrate.Part 4:These pages can then be put together into a slide show and displayed on a big screen television with each of the states, territories and cities labeled.Lesson 3:(40 mins)Aboriginal Legends Worksheet - internet based researchPart 1:Have all students turn on their computers and sign in and tell them how to open the web browser.Part 2:Students are each given a worksheet which has questions based on Aboriginal Legends that will need to be answered. The sheet can be completion, fill in the blank, matching/multiple choice, or even a puzzle type worksheet.Part 3:Once on the internet, students are expected to make use of search engines and make suitable searches relating to the topic.Part 4:Students are required to use the internet as an information tool to hunt down the specific information they need to answer questions raised in the worksheet. (Have them cite where they found information.)Lesson 4:(40 mins)Students make a PowerPoint Presentation based on what they have learnt about Australian History and also discuss the differences compared to 21st century Australia using their current knowledgePart 1:Develop a simple way of showing the students how to use the Power Point Program (by example of demonstration from teacher or yourself).Part 2:Students will get together and will learn the basic command features of Power...

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