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It Parameters Paper

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Information Technology or IT as others know it, points to the hardware and software that a business or person uses to store, maneuver, and retrieve information. In today's competitive world, most businesses invest money to improve his or her computer hardware and software so that the business is not at a disadvantage in today's competitive market. "Having a business invest in computer hardware and software can improve the businesses worker productivity, increase the businesses revenue, reduce costs, plus provide better customer service "(Stair, Reynolds, Ch. 2, p42). In order for a business to improve its information technology, the business needs to start with an Information System (IS). "An information system is a set of interrelated elements that collect (input), manipulate (process), and store, and disseminate (output), data and information" (Stair, Reynolds, Ch.1, p36).This paper will attempt to explain the best methods for data input, data output, storage and speed of a computer in relation to an information system.Data OutputThe accuracy of data input is important to any business. Unfortunately, not all data can be put into a computer using the same method. The best methods for data input for;•Printed questionnaires- a scanning device called an Optical Data Reader. This device uses optical mark recognition paper where pencils are used to fill in the survey boxes. If the questionnaire is in ink and not on OMR paper, then the best method for inputting data would be the keyboard because one can insert text and characters (Stair, Reynolds, Ch. 2).• Telephone surveys- a voice recognition device. This is the best method because it will take the sound of a person's voice and convert it into a digital signal (Stair, Reynolds, Ch2.).•Bank checks- Image Replacement Document or IRD. Using IRD is more efficient because it prints out a digital image of the original check which leads to faster processing (Stairs, Reynolds, Ch2).•Retail tags-Barcode scanners. The scanner uses a laser that reads the bar-coded label when at the checkout counter (Stairs, Reynolds, Ch2.)•Long documents-an optical data reader. With this method a special program OCR can be used to convert documents into digital data (Stairs, Reynolds, Ch2)OutputThe quality of output is important. One wants to be able to see the output clearly or make quality hard copies of his or her output. One wants to be sure he or she gets the best output for his or her device. Again, not all data can be shown or retrieved the same way. The best methods for obtaining quality outputs from several devices are;•Hand held computer-Organic light emitting diode screen, or OLED. The screen is the best way to receive output of information from this tiny computer because instead of OLED having a backlight, it emits light. In OLED emitting light gives the screen a sharper and more colorful image.•Color photograph-inkjet printer. An inkjet printer is best for color photographs...

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