It Is Said That School Uniforms Gives Pupils A Sense Of Identity And Encourages Good Discipline. Do You Agree?

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Nearly all students do not support school uniforms; however they do not know the benefits in wearing them. However, does wearing school uniforms really give pupils a sense of identity and encourages good discipline? Schools keep emphasizing that uniforms is a must to maintain students' behavior. Is this really true?First of all, school uniforms create an atmosphere where students will be able to share their thoughts because students around them would be wearing the same clothing. This would limit distractions in the classroom, producing a better teaching and learning zone. Revealing clothes would be banished and females will be much more discipline.Secondly, school uniforms ensure that every student is equal. No bullying of poorer students would occur. Also, students are unable to pressure their friends for wearing 'cheap' clothes. Schools limit bullying and peer pressure, making schools a safe and conducive environment for productive learning.Thirdly, schools' attendance could be controlled slightly with the help of uniforms. When policemen caught students loitering around the neighborhood, the policemen would 'escort' the students to their respective schools. Disciplinary actions would be taken if students are being caught. Hence, this would allow students to reach school on time for lessons.Fourthly, students would feel that they belong to somewhere. Also, they would not act outrageous when they are wearing their uniforms. The sense of belonging to the school will encourage them to act smartly in public places. Representing their schools, they have to behave themselves and not become a public...

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756 words - 3 pages Sports is a waste of time. Do you agree?What can give us health benefits besides exercise? A sport is commonly defined as an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play. Playing a sport is an art. An art where you hone both physical and mental skills. No art can ever be a waste of time. Thus, I do not agree that sports is a waste of time.Sports gives us health benefits. Research by Harvard School of

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781 words - 3 pages I agree that 'being religious in itself is not a necessary qualification for a student of religion.' From the examples that follow, we will see why it is not a necessary qualification. However, we will also consider the argument of those who disagree with the above statement. Being religious in itself is not a necessary qualification for a student of religion just as how many students pick up a foreign language in school, for

"In "Sense & Sensibility, Elinor represents sense and Marianne represents sensibility". Do you agree?

1117 words - 4 pages Edward's broken engagement Elinor is moved to tears "She almost ran out of the room, and as soon as the door was closed, burst into tears of joy, which she thought at first would never cease" (353) this almost inane sensibility is not typical of Elinor's previous behaviour and demonstrates her newfound sensibility.Jane Austen like all good novelists has allowed her characters to develop and learn throughout the course of the drama. Although I agree that Elinor represents sense and Marianne represents sensibility, I also believe that at the conclusion of the novel, our protagonists have acquired a new found understanding of each other's Sense and Sensibility.

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1180 words - 5 pages such an aim it is categorized as the usual theory of supply, hence is also known as "theory of the firm".A firm calculates its profits by subtracting the total costs of production from the total revenue generated from the sales of that produced amount. (See Figure 1)Figure 1"¨ = TR - TCProfit = Total Revenue ¡V Total CostsTotal Income from Sales Variable Costs + Fixed CostsFirms must first eliminate unnecessary costs and increase sales

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1148 words - 5 pages are bright orange and black. The orange colour is used to reflect the colour of the desert as the sun is descending, it reflects the harsh climate and physical obstacles which the adventurers would expect to find in their journey. All colour fades into black at the corners, this is a very good technique which denotes the unknown. A crucial part of journey's is to venture into the unknown and exploring the depths of mystery, for this reason, the

do you agree that islam is improvement over christianity and judaism

769 words - 4 pages . However, in Christian countries it is clear that there is no longer the same religious awareness that was present in previous eras. For example: Christians nowadays drink and eat pork regularly when these actions are actually regarded as forbidden in their religion. However, Muslims usually do not break the rules of their religion. In my friends group, only Muslim friends really follow this strictly. No matter what situation they don’t drink

"Night" by Elie Wiesel: Elie once said that whoever witnesses an atrocity and does nothing to stop is just as guilty as the one committing it. Write whether you agree or disagree with this statement

460 words - 2 pages that he is guilty of hanging a young innocent boy and deserves to be killed or sent to prison. Although it's easy to see where Elie's statement is coming from and why he chose to make it, it is clear that he made his statement more out of emotion than actual logic. I disagree with his judgment because silent bystanders do not always have the power to stop or intervene with the crime without endangering themselves.

In Henry IV Part 2 we see a clear sense of disorder. How far do you agree?

887 words - 4 pages the same direction. In the end, Bolingbroke becomes Henry V, rejects Falstaff and embraces the Lord Chief Justice, conveying the sense that he has grown as a character and will restore order to the turmoil that was England prior to his rule.Throughout most of the play, the audience sees no clear distinction between good and bad. This is cleverly executed by Shakespeare to reinforce the air of confusion and disorder. The audience’s loyalty is

This essay states that the death penalty is an effective punishment in some respects. It gives both fact and statistics and proves a very good point

1426 words - 6 pages . There is plenty of evidence that it doesexactly the opposite, and plenty that says it does not do any good at all.The danger of executing innocent people should make anyone think twiceabout speeding up. the process; indeed, a disturbing number of theinnocent people sit on death row for more then four years.Only about 0.02% of homicide perpetrators get sentenced to death.Canada has a murder rates less then one third as great as Americans.Estimates

"the stock market is shortsighted, that it only cares about the next quarter's performance." do you agree or disagree with this statement and why?

1184 words - 5 pages value and so long-term dividends.The Short-sighted Stock marketFirstly looking at the market I agree with the statement "stock market is short-sighted, and that it only cares about the next quarter's performance." However I don't agree it should be a managerial complaint, in fact I would suggest that it is a very good datum check for the organisation to react strategically to the markets acceptance of the organisations activities and performance be

Are School Uniforms Good and Bad?

1033 words - 5 pages clothes on several days in a row. All too often parents were not using good judgment regarding what was appropriate school attire for their child but some didn’t have the money to buy new clothes. “I have heard so many times how much the parents appreciate the uniforms and one of their reasons is always the financial savings.” Words from a school administrator. These cost of uniforms depend on the size and age of the child the number could go up or

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