It Really Sucks To Lose Something (A Comparative Analysis Of Bronte’s And Hardy’ Poems About Losing Stuff)

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Emily Bronte and Thomas Hardy are both famous novelists from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. They both wrote some very nice poems too. In our English Literature book, three poems were selected from these two writers. All three are about the loss of something. In each of the poems, the writer has lost something, and in each one the reaction, and the method for coping with the loss is different. Naturally, different people will react differently to losses, and how one reacts also depends on the kind of loss. Usually, it involves suffering. “After such years of change and suffering!” (12). In Bronte’s poem, Remembrance, the writer is reacting to the loss of an old friend, while Hardy’s poem, “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?,” is about someone who is already dead who lost all her friends, and The Darkling Thrush is about the loss of hope, so clearly, there are many differences in these poems, though they all have the same them of loss, and the response to it.
In Bronte’s Poem, Remembrance, the young Emily Bronte has lost a good friend. This isn’t a recent loss. In fact, she has nearly forgotten about the friend whom she once had. There is, however, still a sadness in the back of her mind. Bronte had lost a wonderful friend. At first, she was probably in immense grief, but as time went on, she started to try to push the memory of her friend out of her mind to prevent those horrible feelings from coming back. To cope with her loss, she simply tried to forget about it. This is not the best way to respond to the loss of a dear friend, but it seems that many people do it. They must think it’s easier to just forget, but there is always that little memory nagging them. There is always something, a sight, a sound, or maybe an object, that brings back vivid memories of the ones whom they lost. Bronte experiences this. She will never be the same without this friend. She writes, “All my life’s bliss in the grave with thee.” (20). She has trouble dealing with the loss of her friend, partly because she has been trying to forget.
Thomas Hardy had been having a bad day when he took a walk and heard a bird’s song which gave him hope and inspired him to write The Darkling Thrush, a poem about the loss of hope. I accidentally summed it all up in that sentence. I should stop doing that because it makes it hard to write the next few sentences. Of course, I could just start writing stuff like this, which unfortunately happens quite often as well, and is not really supposed to happen. Hardy’s poem is about the loss of hope. The majority of it, however, is about the regaining of hope, as a result of a thrush’s song. Hardy wrote about the song of the thrush, “Some blessed Hope, whereof he knew And I was unaware.” (31-32). Hardy deals with the emptiness in his life by allowing this weak, old, little bird to fill him with hope. He already had optimism somewhere inside of him. He just needed something small to...

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