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It is hard to believe a month from now I will celebrate the anniversary of receiving an email which would change my life forever. I should have known it was coming. A woman told us as much in a time of prayer a month before it happened. Even though it was not a total surprise, it was still a complete shock.

Looking back now, I can also say it was grace. It began a long process of becoming unglued from a place where I had invested and lived my life, and from a people to whom I had given my whole heart. I do not know if I would have survived being torn from it suddenly, without any time to prepare my heart for the severing. God was gracious to give me a year to adjust to what I knew ...view middle of the document...

This is the phrase I heard. It comes in two parts and the first is simply this: Hurt people, hurt people. Without going into any detail, because it simply would not be of any use, let me say these last two years have taught me the truth of this statement. People who are wounded and broken will end up wounding and breaking others, unless the cycle is stopped. Every one of us can point to a place in our lives where we have been injured by someone who is carrying the scars of their own hurt. Whether they are compensating, lashing out, or unconsciously injuring those around them, their wounds becomes the birth place of hurt in others.

While this is true, and we ought to be aware of it, it is not what impacted me the most. It was the second part of the phrase which struck a deep cord in my heart: Free people, free people. You see, we will all be hurt in this life by others. I know there are those who could point to me and say I have injured them, and if I am willing to see clearly, I can trace a path back from their hurt to my own woundedness. If you are honest with yourself, you know this is true about you as well.

This truth has the potential to suck the hope out of our hearts and cause us to build walls between us. Our intention is to keep our self safe, but the untended consequence is being imprisoned within fortifications of our own making. It does not have to be this way. Remember: Free people, free people. In this simply little phrase there is so much hope. It is pregnant with the promises of life and love. The whisper of it calls out to my heart.

Jesus said, “If the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.” Jesus came to set us free from sin, and death, and unrighteousness, and the pattern of hurt people, hurting people. He came to give life, and forgiveness, and freedom. We have a choice when we are hurt. Will we simply take the hurt we have received and pass it on to another, thinking somehow this will alleviate the pain, or will we recognize the only way to heal the hurt is to walk in freedom, and in the process help others to become free?

Having experienced great hurt, I want you to know my desire is not to pass along the pain. I long to live in the freedom which has been freely given to me. In my reading of Scripture and understanding of the human heart, I see no other path to life. If you have been wounded, I invite you to unburden yourself from any chains your hurt has shackled you with, and walk in freedom.

Now before you give me your hearty “Count me in,” there are a couple of things you will need to know.

First, being free will not erase the scars your hurt has caused. While death could not hold Jesus, and His resurrection provided the path to freedom, when Jesus appeared to his disciples there were still scars on his hands and feet, and upon his side. You may be raised to life and freedom, but the scars will never fully go away. Take courage, for as you walk in freedom, what now feels like an...

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