It's A Bird, It's A Plane...Nope It's Just A Semi! (Narrative)

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It was a normal day, a day like any other day. I woke up, got dressed, and headed off to school as usual. It was warm, as warm as it gets towards the end of October. Math was first thing in the morning, then oral communications. I was tired, as usual. I decided that I wasn't going to go to oral communications, it was an easy class anyway and I had a good grade. I asked my friend Brittany if she wanted to skip with me, so we decided to go to the mall. I had been waiting to buy a new lip ring and possibly a new shirt. So we got into my gold 1999 Ford Taurus, left the school parking lot and jumped onto the highway.Everything was fine, so far. We turned up the music, not too loud but just loud enough. A good song was on so we started singing. We were having a good time so we decided to light up a cigarette. After we finished our cigarettes, we were almost to the exit for the mall. Like I said, everything was fine. I had no idea what was about to happen next.I was in the right lane, waiting for the exit. The semi was on the on-ramp, so I knew I had enough time before he proceeded to get over in the lane that I was currently in. I thought wrong. All I had seen was the semi's tires moving closer and closer into my lane. As soon as my brain processed what was happening, I immediately screamed, "WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING?" I attempted to swerve in the lane next to me to avoid what I knew was going to happen if I did nothing. I looked over just in time to see an SUV right next to me. I tried to swerve back into my lane but the semi was already half way there. I smashed into one of his back tires, causing my car to bounce off of it and crash into the cement barrier.There were many thoughts swarming through my mind as I was spinning out of control. As soon as the car stopped spinning I noticed that we had hit the barrier once more and again starting spinning. I felt the car teetering...

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