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It Is A Dialogue Essay Meant To Show That You Can Make A Dialogue Essay.

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Last Call"I'll get it." The infernal ringing of the telephone awoke me. I rolled out of bed and fell on the floor. In a daze, I look at my clock that indicated that it is eleven o'clock at night. The phone rang again, so I scurried off of the floor, hopefully reaching it before anyone would wake up."Hello," I said while picking at the sleep in my eyes."Brian, what are you doing right now?" the unidentified person said."Who is this?" I said while I yawned. At first I thought that it was Robert."This is Tony. Who did you think it is your mamma?" he asked me in a sarcastic manner. I quietly crept into my room. I shuddered as my door squeaked as I was closing it. I quickly look out of my room to see if anyone had stirred. With a sigh of relief I move back into my room where my cat is looking at me with sleepy eyes. She slowly stretches out and then curls herself back into a ball."What are you thinking; calling me at eleven o'clock on a school night?" I yelled quietly into the phone. I slipped back under my big comforter, which gave me a feeling of comfort and warmth."I was just calling you to say goodnight to ya Brian. Well, I do have some girls over here that are begging for you, but you know that mean's nothing to you. We plan on getting drunk tonight. Do you think you might be able to stop by tonight?" he said with pride. I rolled my eyes, because Tony always does this to me. How did he get drinks, and what girls is he talking about?"I think that I'll pass Tony," I said assumingly."Common Brian; Erica is over here! You know how much you like her. Ha ha." Tony said with enthusiasm. I sat up in my bed in an instant. Does he actually think that Erica will make me come over and why is she hanging out with Tony? I am going to kill Tony if he told Erica that I like her. If only I knew what he was up to."No way! How did you get her over to your house? I never knew that you two were that good of friends." I said surprisingly. I could never imagine her spending time with Tony, except for that fact that he does have alcohol. I want to go over to his house right now, because I know how fun it is to just get wasted with some girls. Lights came across my room as a car squealed its tires, and it brought me back to reality."I told her...

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599 words - 2 pages My favorite teacher was Janet D. in elementary school. Her classroom consisted of dark green wa1ls, brown hardwood floors, wooden chairs and alphabet letters around the room. There were pictures of presidents hanging on the walls. I can still remember the smell of chalk, pencils and erasers. The teacher's desk had a globe on top, and an American flag hung from the chalkboard. There were many things about Janet D. that I remember, her ability to

Capitalism;this explains capotalism in more detail then an y other paper. As you can see it is very long. That is good though. my teacher took the assigent and graded it. I recieved a 90 percent to

2994 words - 12 pages democracy is controlled bycapitalism, and conclude by illustrating the optimistic notion thatcapitalism will eventually lead to a better democracy.The best way to illustrate how capitalism can control democracy is thesimple premise that you must have capital to finance a successfulinterest group in a democracy. The need for this money and how it isobtained through capitalism has been explored previously in this work.What has not been explained is the

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3891 words - 16 pages Pahang. PFM has possessed the certificate of ISO 9001 in 2000 so it clearly to prove that all of the products produced by our company are good in quality. The company also creates a slogan "Quality is our promise" to make the consumers have confidence in our product.The company has 213 workers working in the different department at the main office and manufactory. The company has operates a few branches around in the Malaysia, which are located in


1512 words - 7 pages in different barriers such as social barriers with children at school and how these problems can be solved. Special needs educators help children to develop their social skills and to make them get along with peers without regard of their disabilities. For example, some children have to experience new challenging they believed it is above their abilities, a teacher where supporting a wheelchair child to come to play with others in the grass

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1436 words - 6 pages observational leaning as “basic form of learning in which individuals acquire new forms of behavior as result of observing other.” When a person is observation learning they tend to form a new attitude. According to Psychologists they define attitude as “learned tendency to evaluate things in a certain way.” There are three different components that can make up a persons attitude. One being emotional, which is how a person or object can make a person

This essay outlines the truth of our everyday activities and how we can be easily swayed to make decisions that can affect our life in many ways

714 words - 3 pages college for many years, earning a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Coming from such a rural background, she feels that her education raises her status in the intellectual world, and therefore life in general, above anyone not as educated as she is. The young woman fails to see that there is much more to life than what you can learn in a book. Due to a heart condition, however, Hulga is forced to remain home on the farm, instead of being in an academic

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1133 words - 5 pages still dry.' Clearly, Frau Brechenmacher's life is consumed by caring for her family and she is exhausted by it, her hands 'roughened'. However, she does not rebel against the hold of domestic work on her. When the Herr returns home and rudely complained impatiently, the Frau accepts it and calmly continued to service him, '"they are all ready for you on the table, and some warm water in the tin basin..."'This dialogue reflects the Frau's

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1837 words - 7 pages a lot of publicity. This essay will seek to compromise the definitions found in literature. It will also focus on some selected modern management accounting techniques encompassed within the domain of SMA, such as life-cycle costing, target costing, value chain analysis and the balanced scorecard. Furthermore it will analyze how they can make their contributions towards the success of an organization.SMA is the "provision of information to

Dialogue Essay

3731 words - 15 pages . no, this is a mere imitation besides, we’d needc real titan blood to make real bogan stones. ‘ewe! blood!’ said wilbur cringing ‘ can;’t stand blood.’ ‘no no,’ i dare say you can't my boy’ saiud the professor ‘not very fond of it miyself actuallyt. no-no. te worst this thing could do is give you a touch of frostbite i dare say. and thats only if you toch the flame directly. so don't flaming toich the flame! got it? Miss Winklethorpe would have my

Dialogue Essay

1142 words - 5 pages basics, which really wasn't enough to make any connections with the case. And then he heard it. The unmistakeable and incredibly irritating british accent. He'd know that voice from anywhere. When Dean turned towards the source of sound, he saw her talking to some old short guy wearing a tweed jacket with elbow patches. “Thank you for your help, Dr. Vincent,” she shook his hand and gave him a bright smile. The man turned a bright shade of

Dialogue Essay

2101 words - 9 pages have a crush on Brad and we can all agree that he is ten times hotter than Matt has ever been.” I responded, taking a sip out of the polka dotted teacup. “Brad is cute, not hot. Have you even noticed the condition of his skin? It’s horrifying.” “First of all, we’re teenagers, we’re born to have acne and second of all, it doesn’t matter. His smile shines brighter than anything and I’m—“ “Not gonna let physical appearance stop you.” Laura hindered

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