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It's A Necessity Essay

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Cell phones: we use them particularly every five minutes. Sometimes there is not even any purpose to why we are using our phones in the first place. Phones have made our lives simpler for us. We can now do everything on our phones from managing our banking account, connecting to others through social media, online shopping, and the main purpose: talking and texting to others. However, as time progresses it seems, as we are more dependent on our phones than independent.
Cell phones have made a drastic change from being the size of a brick to now fitting in the palm of our hands. Older phones used to have short battery life, antennas to get better signal, bulky shape, large buttons, and were ...view middle of the document...

This is not even including dating sites. There are so many sites that enable us to connect to others it is ridiculous! Social media has its benefits; we can connect to family in other states, friends, and pals from other countries.
However, social media has dire downsides to it as well. Even though, social media helps us to connect to friends and family. If people are not careful, they can find creeps on these sites, people can find out where someone lives, and they could get cyberbullied. Social media on cell phones makes people addicts to their phones, and it controls them to the point where they cannot even have a normal face-to-face conversation with someone. With social media on phones, people get more distracted and this would be hazardous while driving. It has even caused to teens to pay more attention to social media apps then their own education. In addition, crimes have occurred because of people not being smart and putting personal information on these sites. Cell phones with social media has caused more negative effects on society than positive.
Cell phones main purpose in the beginning was to be able to talk on the phone and send text messages to other people. However, some people have taken this to a completely new level. Certain people have to be texting someone...

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