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It's A Report On Rush Limbaugh And How He Uses His Show Uses Propghanda To Promote The Republican Party. Focuses On One Specific Air Date.

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Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh, the obviously very conservative activist. It's not all that often that someone has his own radio show, television show, and two books. His TV show is one of the most popular of it's kind, his radio show is a hit, and his two books sell extremely well. I had not really heard of Rush before I had to do this paper. Before I listened to Rush's show I thought that Ann Coulter was the most ignorant outspoken conservative I had ever heard. My room mate had told me that he was worse that Coulter but I was still skeptical so I tuned in on November first. To say at least all expectations I had were shattered he attacked the Kerry campaign like nothing else. He just shot out reason after reason on why the Democrats are so wrong without any mention at all of the problems with the Republican party, it was obvious to tell what side he was fighting for. This man just simply amazed me with how one sided he was, I felt like I needed more so I headed over to his web site only to find that I had to pay a membership fee to see anything that he had. It seems to me if you want to get your view out to people you should not charge them. However, I still ended up paying the $6.95 for a 1 month subscription to see what kind of things he had. It was actually quite usefully, he had sound archives of all his shows and I was able to hear some of the main points of shows that I had missed. One of the first things I noticed about Limbaugh's opening monologue was the he attacked other countries for not knowing what we have to deal with, saying that the nations opposing us are more worried about keeping their financial ties with terrorists intact. He also said that that the years with Democrats as presidents just brushes off terrorist attacks and never really retaliated to it and now that Bush is doing something he is getting criticized for it. I disagree greatly on the fact that years of presidency that was occupied by Democrats payed no attention to terrorists. The Clinton administration had a huge report made up of terrorist activity that they handed over to Bush when he took office. Bush payed no attention to this guide at all until we were attacked. It is quite possible that we may have even been able to avoid such attacks had he done a little more as a president instead of spending most of his time on vacation. Another thing that Limbaugh stated was that other countries didn't know what we were going through and that the United States has always fought it's own battles. I'm sorry but going against the United Nations consent is a little far. The UN was put there for a purpose, to make sure no rash decisions were made. Instead of taking some time and trying to get the United Nations support president Bush rushed into war with Iraq in which he thought would be quick and easy but we are still there to this day and we have lost hundreds of soldiers and many Iraqi casualties due to it. There's a reason almost no one is aiding us in the...

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