It’s A Shoddy Connection Essay

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With my phone on my right hand, scrolling through my feed, I noticed, “How long has it been?” As for myself, I’m well rounded on getting hook on social cites. Actually, think about it this way, have you ever wondered about what you could do with that allotted time if you’re not on your social media or on a website? I take decades or centuries just to catch up to my friends’ posts and feeds. It’s a form of “fitting in society” because that’s just how we live now on Earth. We are always caught up on connecting through the Internet. There are so many ways to use the Internet. (Connect with friends, use for research, watch movies or shows online, etc.). Although, I see it as overgrowing; too many people uses it involving the young generation. Yes, that’s the problem. Internet usage is universally utilized throughout our generation and it is inducing into adversely aftermath due to a stretch of social media, explicit websites and a preeminent upshot of disturbance.
First of all, social media has gone viral. It’s ridiculous! What are some social medias do you often visit? For me for example, I regularly stopover at many social cites. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr). What I noticed was that each social cites has a messaging system running. So whenever you wish to talk to someone, you’ll be able to in instant. It’s quite amusing actually because you can just easily talk or message to someone who is very far away from you; but still remain in contact with that person due to internet. Besides of messaging someone online, you can also video chat with him or her.
Although you can recognize a face while video chatting, you’re still ranting to a screen. Face-to-face online is way different than one-to-one interaction publicly. Yes, you can connect with people but it limits your communication skills. If getting connected is what we’ll talk about, well, a lot of people are. According to a Youtube video discussing about ‘Google Generation’, there will be more than trillion devices that will be connected to the Internet. With many people online, you don’t apprehend their characteristics, and you don’t apperceive if they mean business. They can be the rude one, the cordial one, or maybe the lustful one. “Most people would rather have a conversation with someone over technology or social networking, rather than talk it out with a person face to face” (Kauffman par. 3). Many Internet users take advantage of the lack of one-to-one interaction of the Internet. One of the leading actions would be the online sex chat. Talking one to one using the Internet while pleasuring oneself through out the course. I think everyone knows this already but imagine this: an adult men sex chatting with a girl, aged lower than eighteen. Wouldn’t that be against the rule? Wouldn’t that consider child abuse?
Another form of communicating is through phone calls and text messaging. Those who are fixated with the Internet, limits their communicative effectiveness through lack...

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