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It’s A Child Not A Choice

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It’s a Child Not a Choice

In the article “It’s a Child, Not a Choice”, published in February of 1992, author Diane Dew writes to persuade readers about the issue of pro life. Dew writes to women, pro choice and pro life activists in an effort to inflict a guilty conscience in the minds of those who select the choice of abortion. Her intent in writing this piece is to try to convince readers of the negative aspects and irrationality of following through with an abortion. To Dew, the issues of pro choice and pro life should no longer be debatable civil rights issues. Dew supports her convictions with coherent reasoning.

Dew uses persuasive, strong and logical evidence to back up her claim on pro life. It is in her opinion that animals have more rights than an unborn child. She states that you could receive a ten thousand dollar fine for simply stepping on a snail and yet a woman can have her baby mutilated in the ninth month of pregnancy. Her claims and evidence are more than convincing. On such a sensitive and powerful topic readers are influenced by their own biased opinions. She uses precise factual information such as the statement that “only two percent of the 1.5 million abortions committed in the US every year are for reasons other than mere convenience”. With the details and data presented in this article readers get an easy sense of persuasion.

The author’s first-hand experience in this article comes from her possible decision to endure an abortion herself. Dew is a journalist for the “The Milwaukee Journal”. She does not have an expertise grasp on this topic; however the fact that she was faced with this trying choice makes Dew credible in writing this piece. Having chosen to stick out her pregnancy, readers can suspect Dew’s strongly biased opinions towards the issue of pro life. As stated by Dew, “I had...

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