It’s About Myself And What I Would Like To Do Later In Life Class Essay

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The Mona Lisa is now the most famous painting in the world and some may ask why?. The
reason it is the most famous painting is because it went missing for over 2 years at the
beginning of the 18 century. Before it was stolen it was just a normal piece of artwork in the
louvre museum. Over the years it was first in the louvre museum people tried figuring out who
she was, what her enigmatic smile signified, what her thoughts on femininity were if any, and
most of all why she had no eyebrows. While the painting was not so popular not to many people
paid any attention to it as they walked by but after it went missing the popularity shot through
the roof. A man was able to steal the Mona Lisa due to a lack of security at the museum.
The Mona Lisa was stolen from the louvre on August 21st 1911. According to Seymour Reit
“someone walked into the salon carré, lifted it off the wall and went out with it! The painting was
stolen Monday morning, but the interesting thing about it was that it wasn’t till Tuesday at noon
that they first realize it was gone.” Inspector Louis Lepine takes charge but for all his efforts he
was unable to get any hard leads. He started questioning the louvre administrators thinking that
they staged the theft in order to boost attendance. They searched every square inch of the
louvres 49 acre lot and not a single sign of the painting ever appeared.
In 1913 the Mona Lisa was recovered under curious circumstances. As Italian write to signor
Gerl, an antiquary of Florence, several weeks ago, saying “I am in possession of the missing
Mona Lisa, but being a patriotic Italian, I devise that it shall remain in...

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